Cute idea...

If you make cute doodles.


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My Fall Must's

Raglan tee, $56 H M fur vest, £30Current/Elliott low rise skinny jeans, $200Aso, $17Almost Famous skinny pants, $35Qupid peep toe pumps, $37Trouve wedge boots, $70Cross body handbag, $50Michele diamond watch, $600Stud earrings, $70

Just cuz.

I'd really like to meet the person that thought this was a good idea.

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

A lil Glimpse of the Weekend

This past weekend was spent bout 45 minutes North of West Palm Beach, FL in a very quite, scenic beach community called Stuart. My family and I went down there for a wedding and a lil vaca. Not much to do in Stuart, FL besides golf and down frosty beverages by the beach. We opted to do the later.

DIY Costume Contest

Polyvore put together a DIY costume contest. I am morally unable to purchase a store bought outfit, so these suggestions are welcomed!
DIY Halloween Costume: Wonder Woman





Total Hip Hop!!

The Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes

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Rent or this Burberry Coat?

  • Double breasted cropped pea coat in a warm wool and cashmere blend
  • Contrasting soft, washed leather sleeves, shearling lined removable sleeveless quilted warmer
  • Peak lapels, epaulettes, metallic zips at the cuffs, extended central back pleat
  • Two front slanted pockets with leather trim
  • Metallic buttons engraved with the Burberry logo
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My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

A lil glimpse of the weekend

I joined the rest of society this weekend and got an iphone! Crazy, I know! I've been a Mac girl for many years, but have been holding off on getting an iphone for reasons that escape me. So silly, cuz I so dig it and spent the weekend downloading apps and playing with Hipstamatic filters. I promise not to abuse the feature, but here are some "experiments" from this weekend.

A Hearty Happy Hour

Boxed wine has seriously stepped it's game up. I recently discovered Cuboid at the Liquor Warehouse. I haven't tried the Cabernet variety yet, but I've already purchased 2 boxes of the Chardonnay and it's mighty tasty. A delicious medium-bodied white with delicate fruity/floral notes and a woodsy finish. Honestly, I'm not the best at describing wines. Just trust me... it's good, dammit!

Hi, my name is Stanley Pooper

AND I like to eat buttons!
My lil Stanley recently ate all the buttons off of my duvet cover. No biggie... think I'll add some velcro, but I would be mad if he ate these buttons, they're just too darn cute! Seen via

Weekend Flavor

MD Renaissance Festival y Sweet Lips' Mama's Homemade Apple Pie y Snugglefest with Stanley Pooper 
I woulda photographed my amazing Sunday dinner made by a local chef friend of ours, but I was surrounded by food snobs and I didn't want to seem like an amateur :-/

Cute N' Creepy

I had to snag this from a friend on facebook... Half Olsen / Half Michael Jackson???

Definitely not a cat person, but...

these are too darn cute!

RIP Mr. Jobs


I'll try...

Green Suede

Can't get this green suede out of my mind. I need some in my life somehow... a handbag?, a pump? would make me very happy.

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

Fall Jackets!

Not sure why that first initial chill in the air always brings feelings of anxiety... Fall IS my favorite season! But it's always so fleeting and followed by a bitter cold winter, where I run to and fro, not being able to showcase my stylish outerwear. Oh well, let's focus on the here and now. Let's cheers to crisp/breezy/jacket weather!

Abercrombie fitch
$220 -

Abercrombie Fitch embroidery jacket
$160 -

Abercrombie Fitch embroidery jacket
$140 -

Jack BB Dakota peplum jacket
$70 -

Military fashion
$50 -

Old navy jacket
$50 -

Old Navy mandarin collar jacket
$33 -