Creative Mornings (Days & Nights)

I've been keeping my sanity lately by listening to the inspiring stories and encouraging, soul-searching words of other creative types. Creative Mornings provides a platform for a variety of artists, musicians, writers, etc. to share their creative process, life experiences and pass on gems of hard-earned knowledge. The series is spreading, adding more and more cities. I'm hoping Bmore or at least DC will make the list some day... Till then, you can catch inspiration thru these videos. They are usually 20 minutes of bittersweetness that make me not want to come back from my lunch break.

Charlie Blues

No matter what day I'm having, I can always relate to Charlie Brown... even bootleg Charlie Brown.

I've been good enough.

Can't I just get one or two of these?
Sweet Lips is requesting some fancy laptop messenger bag this year for Christmas, so I'd like one of these fancy bags under the tree. I'm making it really easy... they're all available at

I now hold the recipes to rule the world

or at least conquer your sweet tooth. Over my Thanksgiving festivities, I witnessed and took notes to my Mom's infamous flan recipe and Sweet Lips' Mother's signature apple pie recipe. Two rich and delicious desserts that are sure to make me the most popular guest at the party.
Sorry, I'm keeping these secrets to myself!

Dream House

Clean lines, archways, pops of color, exposed beams, subtle old world feel... yup, this is ME!
Or at least who and where I want to be.
This chic has amazing work! Via

Hangover Cures via DC's Finest

Brightest Young Things interviewed a few of DC's chefs, bartenders and restaurant folk to see what their secrets were for recovering from a night of good/bad decisons. Making the list multiple times were:
– Coconut Water
– Excedrin
– Pho!
– Coffee
– Nice Greasy Breakfast
– H20!!! (before, after and in-between)
Check out some other tips here.
My go-to's are usually: Excedrin, a Coke Slurpee, Ginger Ale (if the tummy hurts) and some sort of greasy meat product :)

The Fall boot hunt is on!

I've been a lil obsessed recently with acquiring the perfect pair of fall boots. Below are some of my unique findings. So many styles to choose from, can't really settle for just one, right?!
Fall Boots for Me - pt1 by goyagirl featuring bootie boots

Fall Boots for Me - pt2

Ummm... Yeah...

Some things are just cute... I must give in.
Available on etsy.


Love the concept of this site. Two simple pleasures paired together... Music and Cocktails! Just enter a band or musician and the site with match you up with a fitting alcoholic beverage. Perfect.
Seen via

These are a few of my favorite things...

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday