My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

No sweat summer sweets!

I made these jumbo mallow concoctions this weekend for a cookout.
They were super easy and super satisfying! Try'em!
Recipe here
Get creative with your toppings... coconut flakes, graham cracker bits, Swedish fish, the sky's the limit!

Mood Board: Style Envy

I've been pinning images and items of interest for quite some time now at A neat site that lets you easily create virtual inspiration boards with links back to the original source. Below are a few images from my Style Envy board. The board features images of females with killer ensemble assembly sensibility (say that 3x). Follow me and my other boards for more topics of interest... diy, accessories, interiors, affordable art, drool-worthy foods and more!

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

I promise to post more next week... I started a new job this week (yes, again!) and have been too busy to entertain myself :-/


You feel like a nut.
Sometime you don't.

The Burning House

What items would you NEED to grab from your burning house?
Neat lil experiment brought to you by Foster Huntington
Check out other submissions here. I'm workin' on mine...
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Life is better with friends and pineapple upside down cake

but sometimes your friends move 19 hours away and that sucks!
Sometimes life sucks.
I've been in sort of denial lately about the recent news of Lil Miss Honsauce's big move. She recently told me that she had accepted a position in New Orleans and my heart sank down to my over-sized wedges :( I honestly can't imagine Bmore life without her. She has been an endless source of love, encouragement and good times for many years and I know we have many more years of ridiculous stories and cookouts ahead of us, but I still want to stomp my feet and throw an adult-size tantrum at the idea of her Bmore departure. It bloody sucks!
Below are some pics from our first gathering at my new pad...
Note:  I get really nostalgic for old boardgames, but if you feel like playing Life, prob best to not drink and play...  the rules are hella complex. The spinner however is still delightful.

Ice Cream Socialite

I recently came across this totally awesome invention... A soft-serve ice cream maker! Woop! Woop! Just in time for steamy weather. Perfect for when you're too lazy to run to the ice cream truck on the street corner or dig for change. I really/really want one and I'm pretty sure I would be the coolest kid on the block if I threw an ice cream social.
What does one wear to an ice cream social, you ask???
Why, I think the following outfit would totally be social appropriate:
Polyvore links here. Purchase the dream machine here.

Olivia the great.

Actually, anytime I've ever heard Olivia utter a word on TV it's been in a condescending manner, but DAMN can this chic dress! Every one of her ensembles are drool-worthy and spot on. Take a look...

A Hearty Happy Hour

with Hello Kitty Pink Bubbly
Yup, it does exist... can't say I'm entirely shocked considering I do own a Hello Kitty TV and toaster.

This week, I had cause for celebration so Sweet Lips brought home this bottle of bubbly that he found at Beltway Fine Wine. I'm usually not a champagne drinker, but who can resist Hello Kitty in a onesie??? Not I! 

The Brut Rose was slightly sweet/smooth and a lil nutty to my inexperienced palette. A fun spirit to toast a special occasion with. Prices online run from approx. $27-$37, but MD has funky liquor/wine laws – not sure they will ship here. You can pick it up at Beltway for $34.99 or I'd try the sister location in Laurel. Actually... after doing a bit of research, I'm a bit annoyed that I missed out on the Hello Kitty charm that apparently accompanies each bottle (most likely swiped by some under-age girl). Def making sure the bubbly has it's appropriate bling next time!

The Hearty Project endorses: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I couldn't resist trying these nail stickers out. They come in a bunch of fun shades/patterns and the box boasts that they last 10 days. I'm on day 8 (day 2 pictured below) and am quite pleased. First off... they were fairly easy to apply, after a lil trial and error. Second... they have lasted quite well, considering I've been painting, unpacking, hammering, etc. They're also cheaper (approx. $9) than a manicure and last longer. Good clean fun for your finger nails!

Just Cuz.

I wish I had an event for this shoe.

Available via

Mr. Heart for Brains

Can't really think of a better name for him at the moment... He's the New Hearty Project Mascot! He will guard the integrity of this site. His motto: Heart first, Head later.
I plucked him out of obscurity from the shelf below...
His creator goes by the name Ray Briscoe. No website unfortunately, but you can catch him at PA area art fairs/festivals. His next appearance will be at the Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival, June 4th.

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

Emoticon Maddness

This is how Shmitten Kitten feels about emoticon texting and I gotta tell ya... I feel the same way. First off, I must admit that I have an issue over emoticoning my messages. It's bad. So bad, that I have to re-read my messages and edit them for excessive emoticons. This problem stems from not being able to communicate tone properly or often being misinterpreted (You might call me Lil Miss Interpreted), but what is the point of life if you can't use sarcasm??? You could say I use emoticons, like a teenage girl uses lol (Eeew). Here comes the double standard: These crimes committed by females are forgivable, but quite the contrary for dudes. I do think it's acceptable for them to incorporate an emoticon in the body of a text (limit 1 per text or message), but what is absolutely unacceptable is to just send an emoticon as the whole message ;)  or  :)  Oooh... this boils my blood! It's the kind of half-ass lameness that I am happy to totally ignore.

a lil Glimpse of the Weekend

I spent this past weekend down in Solomons Island, MD with Sweet Lips. We sampled local flavor, toured the grounds of an 18th century plantation, ate the best Key Lime pie, flew kites, and I cheered on as Sweet Lips rode in the Leonardtown bike race. Twas very nice and relaxing!

Summer Satchels

Below are some Fossil bags I wouldn't mind toting around this summer...

Links available here.

Movin' on...

I've been living in Sweet Lips' place (now OUR place) for almost 2 months and I'm finally beginning to see myself in it. My style, my arrangement, my personality, although he did make it easy on me... His furniture was sparse, his walls were bare and he had only painted two rooms, which he's now letting me paint over :) I think we see eye2eye on most interior decisions (as long as I keep hot pink to my studio), but  I do miss my old bachelorette pad a bit. That place will always have a special place in my heart. It has seen me through all kinds of highs and lows. It was the first place I ever lived on my own... all MY forks, all MY pots, all MY books... It's a pretty fantastic feeling to have ownership and responsibility for your own domain. No one to restrict any of your interior decisions, no one to give you the stink eye when you throw a sock and no one to pass judgement on when you come and go. It was a fabulous almost 4 years and I grew stronger because of it. Note: True badasses can entertain themselves by themselves.
Below are a couple of pics in homage to my old place:

It's True.

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My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

Available for affordable purchase here.


More "dermy" but fauxreal this time... These are actual (naturally-shed) deer antlers hand-painted with acrylic and they are gorge! Would love to own a pair... Unfortunately most are already sold. I'm hoping Ms. Cassandra Smith stumbles upon some more antlers asap!