I like charts.

I particularly find the first one interesting... in my need for definition. I guess I could fall into several categories:       the Art & Design Blogger, the Fashion Blogger and (yikes!) the Emo Blogger.
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facebook: approximately 85% evil

More times than not because you tend to live by comparison, but also there's that ex... the one (or ones) that are so beneath you, but whom you can't help but peep-in on from time to time. The sight of him all snuggly and toothy with someone else throws you into an instant sour mood. EVEN THO you'd much rather scrub the scum off your bathroom tub than watch an episode of Friends with him.
And don't even get me started on Status'.
Still, I can't help but participate.

The gifts that keep on giving

The best gifts are the ones received just cuz. Received on a day that's not Christmas or your birthday. Received unexpectedly from someone who noticed something that would make your life just a lil bit easier, safer or more fun.

Don't get me wrong, receiving bling as a gift is Grrreeat (like Tony would say), but almost as good is when a dude buys a gift because he's really paying attention to what you say or how your living your life. Example: I once got a humidifier from a boyfriend who noticed how congested I would wake up each morning... Not so sexy but sweet. Another Example: Another boyfriend, after noticing that I had no way to view guests or people knocking at my door (no good-in the hood) bought me a peep hole. He came over with his drill and automatically got to work ;) In other words-he didn't even ask my permission, just drilled a hole in my door and installed a peep hole. Now that was VERY sexy! Another Example: The dude that bought me a new set of wine glasses after seeing I had broken all but one. Another Example: The dude that bought me a set of Shamwow towels after seeing how water splashes all over my counter when washing dishes. Ironically, I use them now for anything but that purpose... Another Example: My recent honey who bought me a remote for my Mac, since I use it regularly as a stereo and TV.

Sure these gifts are predominantly practical, but they are a sign that you are staying on their mind (in a good way). I think often we assume that what we say to our dudes goes in one ear and out the other, which in general-is the case. That's why it's extra special when they randomly go out of their way to give us a gift that we may not have even thought of for ourselves. These are the gifts that I remember.

My 5 Days of Christmas

Tuesday, December 21st
I can't think of a better way to begin my holiday festivities... A charcuterie n' cheese platter, multiple pitchers of sangria and some great girlies.

Wednesday, December 22nd
A Very Merry Onesie Party for Adults or Adult-like folk!

Thursday, December 23rd
My annual cookie-making/cookie-decorating with the kiddies.

Friday, December 24th
Christmas Eve at Mom's... when and where the majority of eating and cheersing takes place.

Saturday, December 25th (Christmas!)
Christmas Day is usually spent in comfy clothing eating leftover sweets and juicy pork from the night before... and of course some gift giving and games.

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

When I grow up...

Someday... I will throw parties to end all parties.
Parties with the methodology of Martha (Stewart) and the quirkiness of Kelly (Wearstler).
But tomorrow, I attend a onesie party affixed with mistletoe and eggnog bar. Gotta start somewhere...

Natalie vs. Mila

So...... Randomly the subject in the office centers around Natalie Portman. I mention that she's in this movie I really want to see Black Swan, I say Mila Kunis is also in that movie. Coming from a majority female office and trying to take advantage of my dude time... I say, "Who do you think is hotter? Mila or Natalie?" Hmm.... some deliberation ensues... "Well, see Natalie is actually a 'good' actresss and we've seen her in roles where she hasn't looked so hot, but Mila... she always looks hot. So... Mila!"

Take note ladies... Talent can backfire on ya! Especially "real" talent.

Well, I say BS! Natalie Portman is my homegirl and freakin' stunning and classic, anyway you cut her.

Oh yeah, hi and there's this.

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

Gimme Gold!

Currently obsessing over gold polish... Like a party for your nails. Ohh, so festive!
And then...... there's this!
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A "Date Night" that blows in a good way

Friday night Lil Miss Taco Tuesday and I went to "Date Night" at McFadden Glassblowing Studio. The studio is located on Eastern Ave in Bmore on the outskirts of the city. A place you probably pass and dismiss all the time. I had my reservations based on the title of the night alone, but it ended up being a really nice surprise. Glassblowing demos were given in the beginning of the night, while we sipped on wine purchased from the adjoining bar/restaraunt. We then were given the opportunity to feel the heat up close and make our own glass ornaments... super friendly staff, great out-of-the-norm activity to do with a group of friends or yeah, I guess a date ;)
Sorry bout the lo-res images... all I had was my phone to capture the moment.

My Olsen Fix

If these 5'ish chics can rock floor-length skirts, why can't I? (Things that  make me go hmmmm....)

Clips from Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day was spent with family. On the menu: Grilled Turkey, Ribs, Macaroni & Cheese, Sweet Potato Casserole, Mofongo Fritters, Puerto Rican style Rice & Beans, Corn Muffins, Veggies, Avocado. Also, on the agenda: Just Dance on the Wii, Ping Pong and Quelf. Was a great day!
Black Friday started with Coffee and Baileys and hitting up some local shops. It ended with a Black Friday Feast at Lil Miss Honsauce's house. She made a "Black Turkey" using a recipe from the 1900's which required her to drink in-between directions. Needless to say she answered the door pretty toasty :)