Natalie vs. Mila

So...... Randomly the subject in the office centers around Natalie Portman. I mention that she's in this movie I really want to see Black Swan, I say Mila Kunis is also in that movie. Coming from a majority female office and trying to take advantage of my dude time... I say, "Who do you think is hotter? Mila or Natalie?" Hmm.... some deliberation ensues... "Well, see Natalie is actually a 'good' actresss and we've seen her in roles where she hasn't looked so hot, but Mila... she always looks hot. So... Mila!"

Take note ladies... Talent can backfire on ya! Especially "real" talent.

Well, I say BS! Natalie Portman is my homegirl and freakin' stunning and classic, anyway you cut her.

Oh yeah, hi and there's this.

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