Ray and Brandi!

Last night I was lucky enough to catch two of my musical favorites in one venue. Ray LaMontagne and Brandi Carlile performed at Merriweather to an adoring crowd. Most of their songs bring me vividly back to several years ago. A totally different point in my life where I was single and very restless. Crazy how powerful music can be, that just some simple notes can conjure the same anxiety, excitement, joy and sadness felt years ago. I welcomed all of it. It makes me appreciate where I am now, plus these two artists are amazing live performers. They both contain similar raspy/velvety voices that dig deep. Don’t miss an opportunity to see them live!


A Hearty Happy Hour

I'm not even sure if you can purchase juicy melons in the store any more, but as i said before... I'm still in end-of-summer denial. If so, I def want to give this beautiful drink a shot!
Melon Rumballa Makes about 8 cocktails
• 3–4 ripe melons, depending on size
• 1/2 liter white rum
• 1 bunch fresh mint, cleaned and stemmed
• 3 limes juiced
• 8 oz ginger soda
• 8 oz coconut water
• whole vanilla beans
• candied ginger (for garnish)
• sugar for rimming the glasses
• ice

In denial...

That my summer is over! Ugh. Can't I just stroll along wearing breezy spaghetti strap dresses in vibrant colors with graphic patterns???

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

A bit of both...

Hip Hop for the Home (or Office)

So many good quotes, it's hard to choose just one. Maybe I'll do "Don't sweat the technique" for the office and "Everyday I'm Hustlin'" or "Thinkin of a master plan" for the studio. Decisions/decisions...
These wood type prints are brought to you by Paper Jam Press.

A Hearty Happy Hour

Tuesday night after the Caps game (in Baltimore-weird), Sweet Lips and I strolled into Pazo for a nightcap and to suck some prawn heads – true story. Our first prawn head sucking experience had been there a week ago and I guess neither one of us was able to forget it. To accompany my prawns and goat cheese empanadas (yummm!), I ordered La Vie en Rose. A sexy cocktail consisting of: –Moscato d’Asti  –Soho Lychee Liqueur  –rose water  –fresh petal  It was light, refreshing and super floral, but mostly I just liked saying the name... La vie en rose... because life is pretty rosy these days.

This made my dreary afternoon...

For those of you who are fans of blunt effing advice.

Available for purchase here. Hand silkscreened by A Hot Mesh Printing. Seen via.

Christian Siriano Spring/Summer

If only I could grow 7 inches to be able to rock these long skirts properly...

Love the color combos and so nice to see a MD boy do it big! Check out some of his other pieces here.

Kitchen Art?

These furry/feathered animals are so damn cute, I almost feel bad for eating them :-/

Pick up these and other awesome animal art at The Animal Print Shop.

An Electric Mayhem Revival

How freakin' rad are these?!? Pretty rad right?! Their the work of designer/illustrator Michael DePippo. He created them as a not-for-profit side project, which is now, with all the requests – turning into profit... Apparently, the Animal print is in the making. Follow his twitter to see when it'll hit etsy. I wouldn't mind owning any one of the others as well.

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

According to FFFFOUND!: Vanity Fair 1953 Photography by Mark Shaw

Insta-Memories from Virgin Fest '11

After earthquake, hurricane and massive storms, the grounds for last weekend's Virgin Festival were soggy at best. Actually, I'm surprised I didn't see any festival goers attempting mud slides, but at this point the event is an annual tradition for me and I made the most of it with my Lil Sis' and Sweet Lips. Below are some pics via Lil Miss Lil Sis' iphone with all her neat Instagram lenses.

Heeled Loafers for Fall!

The easy/peasiest way to say you mean business. Tassels preferred!
Fall Heeled Loafers

J Crew high heel shoes
$295 - jcrew.com

ALDO platform wedge heels
$80 - zappos.com

Lela rose shoes
$55 - payless.com

Jane Norman chunky high heels
£20 - janenorman.co.uk

Red Herring tassel loafer
£40 - debenhams.com

Bamboo shoes
$32 - lulus.com

$85 - endless.com

Damn those fools!

And why did I not join them at the crack of dawn when the Target doors opened?!? Apparently, that's when you needed to be there today to pick up any good Missoni merch. By the time I made my lunch-time trip, everything had already been picked over :/ I did score some fun stationary items, but I want more! AND, the Target website is overloaded... giving a come by later message... ugh.

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

Map meets Monster

Aren't these fun? "Historical" maps that include urban legend monsters. Yes... I'll take one!
Zombies and Giant Squids... Oh my! :)

Available for purchase via

Infographics are all the rage these days

Illustrate your point via food! I like this idea.

Seen via

My life in a nutshell

Pretty spot on...
Purchase via, seen via

The Hunger Games

Besides hosting a cozy lil BBQ for my family this weekend, one of the highlights was definitely finally slowing down to relax in bed with Stanley (my puggle), Mylo (my nephew puggle) and Sweet Lips (my sweet lips) while reading the second book of The Hunger Games series. I was so intensely absorbed in reading my book, that Sweet Lips picked up the first book I had laying around and started reading. So there we were... Monday (Labor Day) morning quietly reading together in bed with two puggles and the rain coming down the window panes. I need more mornings like those! 

Anyways, I highly suggest the series. A very inventive, sci-fi-ish, action, drama that's super easy and fun to read. Sweet Lips already finished the first book and is urging me to finish the second.
Of course, the series' popularity has already spawned a Hollywood blockbuster. It is in the making, set to be released in March 2012. Usually, I scoff at remakes of my novel favorites, but the star is the star of a recent flick I watched – Winter's Bone. I was really impressed with Jennifer Lawrence's performance, so maybe there is hope for Katniss on the big screen! I hope so!
Check out a mini-mini-sneak-peak: