The not-so-highs and lows of eharmony

eHarmony might "ask you the questions that need to be asked," but they sure as hell don't listen. The majority of matches that were sent to me were nowhere near my "cup-of-tea". Let's break it down... 98% were a "hell-no", 1% were a "maybe if I'm REALLY bored" and 1% were "doable" ;)

The questionaire is pretty intense and I made sure to emphasis the qualities that I thought were important. Adventurous, open-minded, creative, family values, confidence, ability to use power tools, oh & Hotness. Ok, so maybe there were alot of men that i passed up that might of had most of those qualities, but i couldn't get over their not remote attractiveness. I'm not totally superficial, just a wee bit and it's much easier to dismiss a guy when I'm instantly judging on his sad/sad picture. Oh well.

The process of getting to know someone was kinda drawn out, which could be a plus or minus. If you choose to go through the "guided process"(which most people do), Step1: send a set of 5 multiple choice questions that you pick. Some examples: What is your theory on travel? How much alone-time do you need? What's your idea of romance? Step 2: send your "must-have's" and "can't stand's". These you pick from an extensive list and range from: must want a family, must be ambitious, must have a sense of humor or can't be obese, can't have addictions, can't be a bitch (more or less). Step 3: you choose 3 questions that the other person can write a short answer to. Example: What are you looking for in a partner? If you were a movie, what type of movie would you be? what would be the name of the movie? and who would play you? (I never got asked this question... but eventually I'd like to answer
this for myself ;)

So this process can take a couple of days or weeks, depending on your interest or schedule. You do have the ability to "fast track" and skip all this non-sense, but usually if a guy did this, I was hesitant and thought him a weirdo.

All-in-all eHarmony is a semi-decent option for someone really valuing their privacy, which was me at 1st. But obviously I have no problem throwing myself under the bus at the moment or shouting from the rooftops, "Yup, I'm an online dater!"

If you need a chuckle...

PhotobucketMany more awkward, forced family compositions here.

Declarations of Love

A Love Letter For You=Stephen Powers and the City of Philly Mural Program
I think Bmore could use some love!

Bring on Jacket Weather

PhotobucketThis chill is making me nauseous... my only comfort is the fact that soon if not now (which is way too soon) I will be able to wear jackets... ooh lovely jackets!

One, 2, Three, 4... I declare Text War!

Ok, I'm not proud of this, but here is how it goes (or went):
My high hopes of meeting (let's call him Rico-because his name was equally as obnoxious) were quickly diminished upon 1st sight. Mainly because he looked nothing like the blurry pictures he had submitted for review (yes, blurry pics should've been my 1st clue) and carried himself with an undignified air of my-shit-don't-stink. This in combination with his friend resembling a slimier version of Craterface from Grease-made me want to run. We had a very short meeting that night because after the 2nd bar, he disappeared. I mean I was planning on slipping out with my GF, but damn he beat me to it. Anywayz, I was pretty irritated at the wasted effort on my part, so here it goes (or went):
MC: so you weren't what I expected you to be...
Rico: is that so... thats too bad for me I guess
MC: thanks of leaving jackass (several cocktails later)
Rico: your welcome... thanks for showing up late n being rude (lie... kinda)
MC: Yr mother!
Rico: lose my number psycho!
MC: proactive

make way

I would totally rock a version of all of these...
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