One, 2, Three, 4... I declare Text War!

Ok, I'm not proud of this, but here is how it goes (or went):
My high hopes of meeting (let's call him Rico-because his name was equally as obnoxious) were quickly diminished upon 1st sight. Mainly because he looked nothing like the blurry pictures he had submitted for review (yes, blurry pics should've been my 1st clue) and carried himself with an undignified air of my-shit-don't-stink. This in combination with his friend resembling a slimier version of Craterface from Grease-made me want to run. We had a very short meeting that night because after the 2nd bar, he disappeared. I mean I was planning on slipping out with my GF, but damn he beat me to it. Anywayz, I was pretty irritated at the wasted effort on my part, so here it goes (or went):
MC: so you weren't what I expected you to be...
Rico: is that so... thats too bad for me I guess
MC: thanks of leaving jackass (several cocktails later)
Rico: your welcome... thanks for showing up late n being rude (lie... kinda)
MC: Yr mother!
Rico: lose my number psycho!
MC: proactive

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