Happy Halloween!

I say, "So I have an idea... I can make a circular saw blade stick out of your chest and have blood drip from the edge. What do you think?" You say, "Yeah, well I was thinking about bloody bullet holes." I say, "Bloody bullet holes? You think bullet holes beats a saw blade sticking out of your chest? Boogiemen don't use guns!!! Haven't you seen any horror movies?"
It took all my strength and the rest of my Tempranillo blend not to leave the table at that moment.

Shots from Runaway

"I'm so gifted at findin' what I don't like the most"

These were taken from the full length ("film") version of Runaway by Kanye. Though I also watched the video version–where the most beautiful parts featured here are also shown. If I were you (unless you have time to kill), just watch the video version. The film version has some other visually stunning shots, but is kinda overkill. The "phoenix" is beautiful, but I don't buy her acting. These ballerina shots were the highlight... so breathtaking and I'm very much in love with the color scheme.
Full Length Version Here. Video Version Here.

I Heart Kim (and Matt)

Last weekend I jumped up and down for my fave lil indie duo... Matt & Kim. Always a lively show. So much freakin' good/positive energy. They love to pay tribute to Bmore club music, so every now and then they'll drop it in... Bonus!
Watch how they switch it up. It's quite lovely.

Taco Tuesday Bitches!

*I hate when people say shit like that ("It's Friday Bitches!" "I'm back Bitches!"). I promise to never do it again.
But it is TACO TUESDAY!!! AND in these uncertain times... I find comfort in Tacos and comfort in having them on Tuesdays (preferably with a friend of mine appropriately nicknamed Lil Miss Taco Tuesday).

The origins of Taco Tuesday begin waaaaaaaaay back... like 3 years and 3 months ago. Now those were for sure–uncertain times. I had just moved into my current apartment–living solo for the 1st time in my life, finally taking an ax to my most recent relationship disaster. I was single and full of angst/energy. Lil Miss Taco Tuesday just happened to be my neighbor and up for Tuesday night mischief AND mischief we made. So much mischief Wednesday mornings were a waste. Those Taco Tuesdays usually involved... Fed Hill Bar Hopping, Pitchers of Sangria, Hubcap Margarita's, Some Solo Dancing, Countless Inappropriate Text Messages, Possibly Some Tears (from the breakup with the dog) AND of course... TACOS!

These days (when we have an opportunity to uphold the tradition), Taco Tuesdays are way more tame. Sometimes they even involve some physical activity (other than dancing), like tennis. Basically it's a moment to regroup and bitch over tacos.

I'd rather be...

at the Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech, Morrocco
photos via decor8


Mama sent me this one...

So... it's unanimous... They want fun!
Some other notables: Umm, hello scary Ginger and Donna Juanita's??? I had to look that up. 
Apparently, it's what we would call in these modern times a "skank" or a "skeezer".

Don't get it twisted

FORGET YOU will never be a substitute for....


Weekend in Shoes

This weekend I got a break from the city to explore some of Virginia's mountains and caves. It was nice to kick it all weekend in my Tims. They have lasted me since high school and only get better with age.

Stoop Storytelling

I can not say enough to describe how much I loved last night's show. It truly made be proud to be a city girl in this city. Last night was my first in hopefully many series of Stoop Storytelling at Centerstage. Was not sure what to expect but definitely was not expecting to be so moved to laughter and to tears by the stories whose common theme was "Haunted". The night's storytellers ranged from an English teacher, an eye bank technician, a haunted house owner/drummer to a ex teacher of history/now Bmore police officer. The stories were funny, ironic, heartfelt, revealing and some yes were kinda spooky. Three (casually screened) audience members were selected during intermission to tell 3 minute stories and even they told their stories with charisma and grace.

It got me wondering if I would ever have the nerve to tell a story in a packed theater. I imagine it to be pretty damn exhilarating and insanely scary. The hosts of the series also host a workshop to help participants refine their stories on a theme... Hmm... tempting... I hear around Valentine's Day the focus is on dating. Surely I can put together 7 minutes worth of entertainment revolving this topic ;)

These lyrics have been stuck in my head for weeks.

"Leave it up to me while I be livin proof
Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough"
-The Wu
Must stop being so dramatic.

Judging a profile by it's color.

Really diggin' okcupids' blog or "trends" page. They report on online dating trends by judging user profiles and pictures. Some noteworthy subjects The Big Lies People Tell In Online Dating, Your looks and Your Inbox, The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures. The delivery is very conversational, unpolitically-correct and usually backed with great lil charts (who doesn't like charts?). Recently they posted on "The REAL 'Stuff White People Like". The article looks at key/recurring words from different races on okcupid. Pretty interesting to compare and contrast what different races want to convey about themselves. Here are some of the results:

Chocolate Deluxe

Butter Pecan

Red Bean

And just for kicks... ME (these were key words in my profile)

More races and sarcastic commentary here.

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

Weekend in Texts (10.8-10.10)

Text Messages INCOMING
-I'd see if you're free tonight?
-Drat. I was gonna stay there (Bethany beach) sat night. Wanna come play at the beach? :)
-Got a free tix to cirque want to go @ 6:30? Sun
-Can you go?
-Hippodrome... but u always bail!
-I wouldn't have anyone to watch connor
-Come with
-It's crazy here today. We've been working too much and are all goofy!
-Mama watcha doing tonight? I'd love to see ya! Going out with Jamie- I'll keep in touch Xoxxo
-So it's me and Don Draper at the moment.
-:) it's a fictional person who has excellent taste in liquor-he's the star of Mad Men
-There's a guy here rocking a Canadian tuxedo!
-Hmmm, not so sure, but we'll see... good night!
-Hey I was up in PA all day. Just got home and really tired. Have you watched The Event yet?
-Boarded flight to N'awlins! Be safe my little chickadees! Luv u!!
-Hey, what happens in N'awlins stays in N'awlins! I'll try not to get arrested!
-I would absolutely love that, but I'm still in Wilmington. Get back at 5ish.
-Did u eat?
-U suck
-I haven't eaten since breakfadt and so lazy
-Allergic to p unless u want to stab me with epi pen
-Guess who got offered his first paid acting role? ;)
-Lol... For ReEntry, actually! I auditioned... And got it! :)
-Thanks!!! Please do-we haven't talked in way too long! When're u back?
-Just brainstorming some ideas for my friend Ben's wedding. Want some company?

Text Messages OUTGOING
-Sorry, that's a bit last minute, not going to be able to swing it :/
-Give me a ring.
-Where is it?
-Not true! Just me and you?
-Eric doesn't want to go?
-I will watch him for you! FOR FREE! Or I'll go with you ;) you pick.
-K :)
-We are silly on a daily :P
-Nice, please do! Can meet you girls wherev :)
-Is that a person or liquor?
-I'm on my way :)
-DC tomorrow?
-What you up to tonight?
-No, but I heard good things. I'll try and catch up on hulu. Perhaps it can be our next show ;)
-Love you too!! Have fun :)
-Don't do anything I wouldn't do ;) Don't do anything I would ;)
-Farmers market?
-An hour ago...
-No, not tonight.
-What??? Where? How? When?
-Wow, that is so awesome! I totally want details. Will give you a ring tonight if it's not too late. So excited for you!
-At Maisys... With lil miss mimosa. What you up to?

I'd like to...

tie the knot,
conceive a child,
and make scrambled eggs
in these shoes

Tumbling my way through the seasons.

Ok, that's total bullshit. I have mad crazy anxiety for cold nights, specifically quiet/frigid/blizzardy nights where I'm forced to entertain myself. I did it once ya know... last December. As I recall, it was the first time I took Xanax. Nearly climbed the wall, if not. I tried to learn from the 1st blizzard of '09, but the blizzards of '10 just brought more disaster (5.2 miles in fresh snow, trapped with new prospect that I just realize-I can't stand). All of it brings chillz to my toasty ass. I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN! Although, with the current state of my indecisiveness–I am destined to shovel my own shit again!

Listen. I am woman hear me roar, blah/blah/blah. I can accomplish damn near anything on my own. Look at me here, but frankly I'm over it. I've proven to myself that I am self-sufficient and I'm done. Now I'd like to share the shit. Spread it out. Go halfsies. Life is more pleasant if you share, no? Share the shit/share the wealth.

Good Vibrations

Yesterday morning before the clock hit 10am, I was hit with a tag team (pun intended) of the first 2 seconds of the Beach Boys' Good Vibrations. My 2 dude co-workers decided to play DJ and loop/mix the "IIiiiiaahhhhhh" over and over and over again. It was pretty freakin' hilarious, that is–if you're a fan of low brow humor as I am. Go head, give it a whirl.

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

Survival of the fittest...

Virgin Festival 2010

Ahh... to be caught in a Matt & Kim sandwich... one can only wish. 
Perhaps I'll proposition them at Rams Head on October 23!
Lil Miss Sunshine!
PhotobucketAnd her Lil Miss'Photobucket
I guess it's only fair since I do it to everyone else...
Sour & Sweet.
M.I.A whoop, whoop!
till next year....

HC Photobooth Highlights

Last Thursday, I attended a premiere of Moth at the Landmark Theatre. Moth is a short film directed by my dear, uber-talented friend Ultramatik aka Hilton Carter. Flying Dog beer was a sponsor and generously set up shop in the theater handing out free beer. As the audience awaited the film, we listened to music provided by DJ Impulse and viewed shots from the photobooth on the big screen-just recently taken.

I love photobooths! So much fun to be had. Here are a couple highlights:
More on HC's talent here.

Weekend in Texts (10.1-10.3)

Text Messages INCOMING
-Can u watch con till 8?
-Just going to grab his old carseat
-Is connor ok
-My basement flooded yesterday
-This is a fucking nightmare. Everything is soaked
-Yes very much. I'm up to about 18 gallons of water I've taken out
-Hi beautiful. How's 8 looking for you? Need a few more minutes?
-No prob. I'll come by to help you raise Arizona at 8:20.
-Fells festival tomorrow?9
-Hey have you talked to steve
-Honey we spent the night at hopkins he fell down the stairs
-He is fine, got staples but can not drink at all
-Didn't make the wedding, bit maybe I'll come meet you...what time you kicking off?
-Drunk and just got home... don't think I'm gonna make it anywhere tonight!
-Yep sounds good. What time should I be ready?
-Any way you could drive me to bayview er?
-Sprained ankle
-Oh no! So sorry! Can I bring you anything? Gatorade?
-Do you have any wine/alcohol?
-You ok babe

-No problem

Text Messages OUTGOING
-What time you thinkin of dropping him off? I gotta run to walmart... He can come with.
-Yup didn't discover that my pizza was missing till after I got home :)
-That sucks!
-Holy shite!
-Yes sorry, had to work late and I have a baby on board. 8:15ish...
-Ooh... I'm going on Sunday... Want to meet me?
-Not yet today, but I assume he's coming with me.
-WTF?! I'm calling him now.
-Ooh, you should! I'm thinking of getting to Mosaic at 10:30. come meet us! Neighbor is coming and you can meet Sweet Lips :)
-Ok, lady. GNight!
-I'll call the cab at 10:20, so meet at my place then :)
-Everything ok?
-Sorry, been puking all morning :( Can't uncurl from this ball.
-I have some ginger ale and excedrin, but thanx. Sorry I'm going to miss the festival with you...
-Nope, sorry. I think that liquor store by the park on wash might be open...
-Yeah, still a bit nauseous. I should've known better than to eat an ice cream sunday for dinner ;) but I had fun!
-Thanx for bandaging my knee!