Tumbling my way through the seasons.

Ok, that's total bullshit. I have mad crazy anxiety for cold nights, specifically quiet/frigid/blizzardy nights where I'm forced to entertain myself. I did it once ya know... last December. As I recall, it was the first time I took Xanax. Nearly climbed the wall, if not. I tried to learn from the 1st blizzard of '09, but the blizzards of '10 just brought more disaster (5.2 miles in fresh snow, trapped with new prospect that I just realize-I can't stand). All of it brings chillz to my toasty ass. I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN! Although, with the current state of my indecisiveness–I am destined to shovel my own shit again!

Listen. I am woman hear me roar, blah/blah/blah. I can accomplish damn near anything on my own. Look at me here, but frankly I'm over it. I've proven to myself that I am self-sufficient and I'm done. Now I'd like to share the shit. Spread it out. Go halfsies. Life is more pleasant if you share, no? Share the shit/share the wealth.

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