Sex and Bmore City

Last night Lil Miss Honsauce, Lil Miss Mimosa and I went to see Sex and the City 2 at the Harbor. I’m a hardcore fan, so they could’ve had Carrie shopping for 2 hours and I would’ve been satisfied. No Oscar nods but true fans will be pleased and entertained. While waiting for LM Honsauce to come out of the restroom, I ran into the ex. There is a slo-mo scene in the film where Carrie spots Aiden(her ex) in a market and they have this magical “wow” moment. This was not like that. More like, “Look there is F*cker and his wife, damn they both look fat.” I know what you’re thinking... Real mature. But I actually handled the situation with grace considering the atrocities he committed. When LM Honsauce came out, I pointed him out and she says, “I’m going to go up and say hi.” I thought about it for a sec and then thought against it. I didn’t want to give him any satisfaction, so I pulled her back. He did his best to avoid eye contact but I knew he saw me–I made sure of it.


We moved on over to Talara for apps and drinks and while there I began to regret not letting LM Honsauce say hi. Only for the simple fact that he goes out of his way to say hi to the both of them at the gym (not sure what he’s working on). This makes me steamy. Why the hell would he think they’d want anything to do with him after knowing the horrors he’s committed. Does he think their memory would fade so quickly? Mine hasn’t. I know it sounds like I carry this around with me–I don’t. If he were to offer an apology I would quickly accept it. If he were to say, “I’m sorry I was an evil/heartless/soulless shell of a human being.” I would say, “Ok fine, I wish you many years of wedded bliss.” Serious. Now I’m done with this topic because it did not for a second overshadow my great night with my girlies, the moment actually brought a smile to my face.

At Talara we indulged in mussels, ceviche and mojitos, while we tried to decipher which SATC characters we were most like. If you are totally clueless, SATC is about 4 distinct female characters: Carrie (fashion junkie/creative/eccentric), Miranda (workaholic/pragmatic/planner), Charlotte (traditionalist/sensitive/mother) and Samantha (bold/saucy/sex-crazed). We came to the conclusion that I am 60% Samantha, 40% Carrie. LM Honsauce is 60% Miranda, 40% Carrie and LM Mimosa is 40% Charlotte, 40% Miranda and 20% Samantha. My house is not predominantly Samantha because of the sex-crazed part btw.


After Talara we hopped over to Pazo where we ran into LM Hot Potato (smalltimore gotta love it). She was having a cocktail with friends. One of her friends spotted one of her “mistakes” and rushed her out the door before she could see him. When LM Honsauce and I were leaving, I made a point to go over to him at the bar and give him a lil warning. I think I might've told him I’d cut him if he ever contacted her... Not sure. I am sure that I said that this is my city and I know enough people to make his life miserable. Now that was the Samantha in me. I couldn’t help it.

I dropped LM Honsauce off in torrential downpour as she tried to convince me to go to a karaoke bar, but I was done. I got about half way back to my house before getting a phone call from her. She had been banging on the door and was still outside because her husband wouldn’t wake up. Ahhh... Married life. So I turned around, picked her up and she crashed at my bachelorette pad.

It was a good night.

Can we talk fashion for a minute... the fashion was sick of course. SJP wore 3 looks with a 70's vibe... these pleated dresses by Halston that were amazing, she actually rocked one at the MET event too. Several of her looks are available here.
OH, and don't sleep on Liza Minnelli!


This is exactly the type of shiz that makes me want to quit my day job, move into my mom's basement, dust off my sewing machines and become an Asexual hermit. Ugh!!!

Gems for everyone!

This will be my last Lost post, promise. Though not totally pleased with the finale, I am content enough to move on. It came full circle enough to make me feel ok with devoting so many hours of my life. Each week after every episode I would check for Doc Jensen's extensive recap and researched commentary. This week was no different (except 16 pages, from the usual 7). I was struck in particular with the following paragraph:

"One of the things I have most appreciated about the season is that for all of its spirituality and mysticism and supernatural hoo-ha, Lost was all about human beings — really screwed-up human beings who do really screwed-up things. Even the Gods (read: Jacob) and Monsters (read: Smokey) and mythic heroes (read: Richard Alpert) revealed themselves to be just like you or me, give or take some smoke and some superpowers. It's funny that so many people cynically bitch about Lost not having ''a master plan'' — the Lost story is all about the folly of ''master plans.'' Anyone who has ever had a master plan on this show has failed catastrophically. Mother. Jacob. The Man In Black. Ben. Charles Widmore. Jack. Sawyer. The best we can do is live our lives with enlightened improvisation — to be so self-aware and fearless that we can live fully in the present and redeem our every moment and every human connection. Last night, Sawyer asked Jack if becoming island guardian made him feel any different. Jack thought about it and laughed and said, ''No. Not really.'' He was right. Jack was still every bit the fixer junkie he used to be before he took holy communion from Jacob. But as he moved into the final conflict of his life, Jack was able to apply the best parts of him to the crisis at hand, and minimize the influence of his worst parts. Which isn't to say he couldn't make mistakes — and didn't have more to learn. If there was something he had gained, it was this: grace for his own uniquely imperfect mess."

Ahhhh............ closure.

It's all about that subtle FU.

I had a hard time in college being too literal with my work. I've always had a very direct/blunt approach to art and to life in general. Some have called this aggressive, intimidating or just plain mean. I've been told that my demeanor has kept people from approaching me. I recently chatted it up with some college buddies and one of them told me his roommate had a crush on me but was too intimidated to "go there". I've heard instances like this before, but I was kinda annoyed at this one because I had a major crush on this dude back in the day. Oh well...

I've tried to work on my subtlety over the years. It's a true artform, can't say that I've mastered it. I think it'll be a life long process (like patience). I'm attracted to work and like to create work that has a nice healthy balance of sweet n' saucy, light n' dark, soft n' hard edges, humor mixed with honest sobering moments... This is how I like my men as well.

In a time where head-games are commonplace and one-upping is sport, isn't it nice to know where I stand? Believe me, I love a good game and I can play with the best of'em... I just choose not to.
That was Halloween '99? btw (not so subtle)

Thanks to Sly Fox for sending me a link to Locher's site, where FU is presented in such a sweet way. The following are a couple of my favorites:

In the same light... Here are a couple other pieces on my wishlist:
Crab Claw Necklace • Hummingbird Skull Necklace • Porcelain Beaver Skull • Bi-King Wall Mount

Add Dating Advisor to my resume.

This weekend I told Lil Miss Hot Potato that she should let me manage her dating life–in light of her recent bad decisions AND because I'm doing such a stellar job at mine! That was meant to be semi-sarcastic... I'm not so lucky in love, but at least I'm not a sucker. I think it will be a win/win for both of us. By me giving such logical dating advice, I will have no choice but to walk the walk. In all honestly, for the most part, I do.

LMHP said she'd like to start online dating as well. I obviously have some experience in the matter and am a great source (I wish I had me when I was going through the process). Although, it didn't necessarily work for me–it has worked for many others and frankly, it's entertaining. Plus, she's not looking for long term commitment. She needs to go through a period of (re)self-discovery and just wants some fun guys to hang out with that haven't already screwed her friends (I can relate).

Last night we began setting up her profile. Can't lie... we were both giddy with excitement. It was fun thinking of different ways to market her online. Pretty much like my day job but with more "sex". I began to jot down some key "buzz words". Not total deception, just smart advertising.

The following is a bit of our banter:
Beginning to type her "interests"... (me) So what should we put down for your interests? (LMHP) I don't know what my interests are... (me) Well, let's look at my old profile so you can get an idea. (LMHP-after looking at mine) Can't I just copy those?

"Interests" section... (me) You want to attract men that are physically fit, so you want to put down outdoor/physical activities (LMHP) Put down yoga, I plan on starting next week. (me) How about hiking? (LMHP-as she's typing) Oh god, this is killing me.

Trying to think of what to write in the "about me" section... (me) If you were an animal, what would you be? (LMHP) a lion. (me) Well, I was half joking, but it might be funny... so I wrote, "If I were an animal, I'd be a lion (roar)." A lil bit of cheese never hurt nobody.

(LMHP) So what do you do if they're boring? (me) Drink.

(LMHP) So how do I know they're not going to kill me? (me) You don't. You just always meet in a very public place. You'll be fine.

(me) Ok, you gotta watch out for the "new to the area's". You don't want to be a tour guide. (LMHP) No, that's fine. I gotta build the roster.

(LMHP) Stop taking notes!!!

On answering her 1st prospect... (LMHP) Let's answer Gladiator dude... What you going to write? (me) Hold on, I'm not writing. He's not dating me, he's dating you. I will assist...

Sad to say, we came across some dudes that I had already talked to. Good for her that I could steer her clear of them. She was so excited by the initial process, I had to smile. It can be fun at first, but that excitement wears off when you realize how time-consuming sifting through idiots can be.

I'm a mean/mean woman hidin' underneath this hearty shell.

Audra Mae performed this Janis Joplin cover Saturday night. I think she was singing to me...
Ah, I'm a mean, mean woman 
And I don't mean no one man, no good, no. 
I'm a mean, mean woman, 
I don't mean no one man, no good. 
I just treats 'em like I wants to 
I never treats 'em, honey like I should. 
Oh, Lord, I once had a daddy, 
He said he'd give me everything in sight. 
Once had a daddy, 
Said he'd give me everything in sight. 
Yes, he did 
So I said, "Honey, I want the sunshine, 
You take the stars out of the night. 
Come on and give 'em to me, babe, 'cause I want 'em right now." 
I ain't the kind of woman 
Who'd make your life a bed of ease, ha ha ha ha! 
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 
I'm not the kind of woman, no, 
To make your life a bed of ease. 
Yeah, but if you, if you just wanna go out drinkin', honey, 
Won't you invite me along please. 
Oh, I'll be so good to ya babe, yeah! 
Whoa, go on! 
I guess I'm just like a turtle 
That's hidin' underneath it's horny shell. 
Whoa, whoa, oh yeah, like a turtle 
Hidin' underneath it's horny shell. 
But you know I'm very well protected - 
I know this goddamn life too well. 
Oh! Now call me mean, you can call me evil, yeah, yeah, 
I've been called much of some things around, 
Honey, don't ya know I have! 
Whoa, call me mean or call me evil 
I've been called much of some things, all things around, 
Yeah, but I'm gonna take good care of Janis, yeah, 
Honey, ain't no one gonna dog me down. 
Alright, yeah.

Weekend in Photos 5.21-5.23 (Livin' for the Light)

This weekend totally didn't suck.
Lil Miss Hot Potato and I drove to DC (with KRS-One on full blast) to party with Sly Fox and his funky bunch. After warming up, we cabbed it to a packed/sweaty club called Park... danced a bit, things got fuzzy and I left my cell phone is a cab on the way back. This is a classic "me" move. One of my other gf's does it so much that she puts an "if lost, please call..." sticker on the back. I may need to implement this tactic. LM Hot Potato said when I got out of the cab and realized it was gone, I dropped to the ground and put my arms in the air "oh, what a world"–style. This is a moment where Weekend in Video would have been entertaining. Regardless, I had a great time and felt semi-liberated the next day.

Oh look, there is my phone :/
LMHP and I trying to capture the blue lights in "Club Campiz"

Why is this dude marking his hand, you say? Well, he's keeping track of his drinks! Hmm... sounds like a good idea, but I know if I did this I'd wake up with marker all over my face. I believe Sly Fox is modeling the latest fashion in Bounty.

This is when we are nice to our cabbies.

Sweaty and lazy-eyed at Park.

Now for the highlight of my weekend!!! After taking it super easy on Saturday (day) – LM Hot Potato and I indulged in cheesy horror (Seventh Moon) and Pan's Labyrinth (not cheesy), we drove to Easton, MD to see Audra Mae perform. Easton, MD is one of those small towns on the way to the beach where you drive through and wonder how civilized people live out there. On our way down we joked that we were sure to get lost and end up in the cornfields and LMHP said she'd probably meet Malachi and fall for him. Children of the Corn people! It's a classic. We get there a lil early and grab a quick bite at the town's Pub which closes at 10pm. We make sure to use our indoor voices because it's obvious in this scene who does not belong... us! Even inside the Nightcat (a 60 people max venue), we are like "so not from around here...". The venue was comprised of predominantly conservative fans in their 50-60's. So, no date's for the night, which I could care less about because I was beyond excited and thrilled to be front and center. We sat 2 feet from her microphone and I could not stop smiling. Audra Mae was phenomenal. I held back tearing up when The River came on as the 1st song. Her voice and music is so moving on cd alone, but in person her voice is freakin' amazing. She was so passionate and genuine, it hurt. I couldn't resist going up to meet her after the performance! Ahhhh :)

"Livin' for the light... like a good girl should," (lyrics from The River, which Audra explained btw is about that dirty double-standard).

Still on my Audra-high, I met my family at church Sunday morning. Church is doing this series now called Bob & God (as in Bob Dylan). This week they performed and analyzed the lyrics of Gotta Serve Somebody. Basic principle of service: By exuding the light inside you, others around you will have no choice but to be inspired (at least that's what I got). Then I went over to Lil Miss J.Boogie's house to tell her of my weekend tales (since I couldn't call her!). While there I got seriously hooked up with new music and tracked down where I could borrow a temp phone. We also contemplated how I could get into coconuts to convert them into drinking cups for my pina coladas... drill? hammer? Too much room for error, so I just went to Party City to get plastic ones. After picking up my replacement phone, I drove home to start my Lost-viewing dinner–pork kabobs with a spicy mango sauce, pinenut/cherry tomato couscous, pineapple/coconut ice cream and sliced mango (that we were too full to eat). Ohh and pina coladas and champagne! As for Lost, I'm still trying to digest the finale. My first impressions have left me feeling a bit sour. I felt the ending was a bit forced and I still have some unanswered questions...

Friday in Texts 5.21

Text Messages INCOMING
  • Huh? And why did I receive that text at 4am???
  • You really are a jerk! Nice way to wake up.
  • Huh? Have u been drinking this morning?
  • Well that's obvious!!!
  • How did u make that chili??? I really need 2 know :-)
  • I wish I was, but I've been out till bar close for the last 3 nights... I need a break. Have fun!
  • Morning!
  • I have an f'ing hickey........ Very annoying!!!
  • On my neck!!!! Yes i remember seeing you last night. Thought you saw me this morning
  • It is really bad..... Who give hickies!!! When was the last time someone gave you one?
  • Sad I know
  • Aw, gotcha. Have a good time!
  • Thanks sis! Mandalay Bay pool is the first stop.
  • I'm so bummed-my camera is a the Geek squad at best buy. Great timing, hug. My gf is playing paparazzi this weekend. I have my phone though! I better make the "weekend text" post. ;)
  • How's ur day go n? Well I hope. I'm beat, got up at 5 for golf... Just leav va
  • I can't wait to press your romper also...
  • Already?
  • Ok I'm buying it now!
  • What do you want me to do
  • I might like that

Text Messages OUTGOING
  • Ha, Mornin' :)
  • In ur wettest dreams dork.
  • No, just screwing with you... ;)
  • I'll fb it to you
  • Interested in going to dc tonight?
  • Gross!!! Where???
  • Oh geez, I was worried for a minute there... Can I cover it up with makeup? Turtleneck ;)
  • 8th Grade
  • Bring back the choker trend
  • Thanx u2 in Vegas!
  • Take pics!
  • Ha, send be a pic poolside... I might have to include it ;)
  • Pretty good, I might need a power nap before tonight... Beautiful day for golf
  • My romper is pressed and ready to romp.
  • Buy ur ticket online for 6:30! 7 is sold out...
  • Your flakiness is killing me
  • I'm going to crush Zanex in your drink btw ;)
Why only Friday? Because I left my cell in a cab Fri/Sat morning... boohoo.

Move over O'Keefe

Works by Julia Randall.

On LA, on not being a whore and on being smacked in the face with love

Earlier today...
Read left column to right column then down to next

Designer humor

Colourful Language

Where Cursors Come From
Designed by: Nathan W Pyle

Predicting the future via Care Bear vending machine

We have a grocery store near the office that I usually hit up for lunch. I've been passing by this Care Bear vending machine for awhile now, meaning to stop and put my 75 cents in. Today was the day. I walked over with Mouth and on our way in said, "remind me to get change for my Care Bear." At the check-out counter I mentioned to Mouth that I was going to use this opportunity as a sign of my near future, depending on what bear I got–it would be an indicator of what's to come. The Care Bear vending machine would be my 75 Cent Psychic. We walked over to the machine inviting us (in gold star) to "Collect All 32," but we noticed most of them had a cheery disposition. Not really a fair predictor of life, since as we all know... life has it's ups and downs. Which is why I'm renaming my bears and their purpose. This is the bear I ended up with today:

Friend Bear AKA Friends with Benefits Bear
Sometimes an upper, sometimes a downer.

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday


My bike of choice.

At Urban Outfitters Bike Shop you can custom design/order bikes. Pick from 2 frame options then specify color for frame, wheels, handle, seat, etc. A semi-decent deal although I know slim to nothing about bikes and I'm sure that true bike aficionado's would scoff at the idea of buying a bike from UO. (But me) Frankly, I just want something that looks cute. Other priorities: a front wicker basket and beverage holder. Oh, and possibly a horn that plays the following "make way" music:

1st Choice:

2nd Choice:
witch theme sound bite

3rd Choice:

My bike design:
Not sure this will go over well in the hood though... Considering I get stalked in my car...
"Hey, Boo, Boo!"

Quotes from the Weekend 5.14-5.16

Dude@bar: What's your ethnicity?
Me: Take a guess.
Dude@bar: You remind me of one of them Kardashians. See you have a lot of different features... Native, ethnic, Dominican, Italian...

(Helping Lil Miss Mimosa with her son's 1st bday party)
LM Mimosa: I don't like that kid. Give him the yellow ball.

LM Mimosa: Do you hate me?
Me: No, but you're lucky I love you.
The following is a result of the wandering minds of several chics daydrinking

(Girlfriend talking about her boyfriend's balls)
GF: I know that they're there. I'm pretty sure that there are two of them.

Cousin: He came out 8 lbs. 5 ounces.
Me: Wow, he was big.
LM Taco Tuesday: You call that big, I was 11 lbs. I ounce.
Me: Damn, that's huge!
(Cousin is passing around pic of baby on phone, while we're oohing and ahhing. Another GF walks up/catching the end of the convo, looks at the pic...)
GF: Oh, I thought you were talking about cocks.

GF: It's true they do sag, they're like tits.

LM Taco Tuesday: I was nice, but I did walk up and fart on him.

LM Taco Tuesday's roomie: It takes 5 or 7 times for people to remember me.

GF: He didn't even have 5 balls. If he did I'd put one in every crevice.

Friend: That wasn't me... wrong gay person.

GF: Yeah, I don't know how LM Mimosa does it...
Me: I know, but LM Mimosa is a rare breed, not sure where she finds the energy. I mean, I exhaust myself with myself.

Friday Dedication

Not to be confused with the "Hey" violation... This goes out to the "men" that address females with the "Hey Girl" salutation. I hear/read this and immediately have gag-reflexes. It is completely unacceptable to address a female over the age of 21 as "girl". If you're a redneck from the sticks and know no better, then maybe I'll let it slide... But as a semi-educated man in the year 2010, you must know that this salutation is disrespectful! Wiki will once again back me up...

Last time I checked I was a self-sufficient GAW (grown @ss woman) that could probably teach you a trick or two. Speaking of tricks... the only scenario where "girl" would be deemed appropriate: anytime pigtails are involved (Halloween/Role Play). "Come here you naughty girl." Ok, fine.

I'd rather you prematurely call me, "Babe", "Baby". Other acceptable alternatives: (Hey/Hello/Hola) Sweetheart, Sweety, Sexy, Sugar, Sunshine, Hot Stuff, Hottie, Hot Mama, Hot Tamale, Firecracker, Honey, Hon, Boo, Love, Lovely, GoddessMi Amor, y Loca.

OR, how 'bout you get creative... think outside the box and come up with an original term of endearment specific to the chic whose attention you're trying to get. My personal/personal favorites: Shorty Roc, Hot Sauce and Tsunami.

Urban Outfitters Online–Apartment

I Want...
Find Links Here.

Lost is coming to an end... tear/tear


Hands down the best show I've seen in my 31 years of existence. I get super-siked each week (for years now) to see where those wacky/scifi/philosophical writers are going to take the storyline and characters. There is no way in hell I would even begin to explain the plot. The show is an investment, not something you can pick up half way and not something you can half@ss. You are either a Lostie or not, no in between lukewarm viewing. Themes that the show addresses: Destiny/Free Will, Good/Evil, Sin/Redemption, Science/Faith, Mothers/Fathers, Jack(good guy)/Sawyer(bad boy)... Bonus: hotties for both men and women! If you're not familiar with the show, I suggest dedicating a weekend or two/three to uninterrupted viewing. Crank the AC, grab a down comforter, possibly a companion that will cook for you and not ask too many silly questions (because yes, there are dumb questions).


Only 1 episode left before the series finale on May 23rd (2.5 hours!). It's bittersweet. I'm hoping for the residents of Pigtown's sake, that it goes out with a bang! I will be rioting! Till then I'm planning my Lost finale menu. At 1st I was thinkin' wild boar! But since I have no clue where to find/cook that, maybe pig instead... Possibilities: –pulled pork –pork ribs –fish pockets –tuna skewers –chicken satay with Dharma peanut sauce –fried plantains –mango/tropical fruit salad –sashimi –peanut butter/chocolate treats –Dharma beer/wine –piña coladas (in coconuts of course)


Dating via Text


One of my many texting-peeves: The "Hey" text message. It's right up there with the effort of a Facebook poke–Lame-O! Anna from Shmitten Kitten sums it up perfectly:

I feel like Seinfeld for even asking this, but what is the deal with guys just texting you, "Hey." What am I supposed to do with that? It's great that you're thinking about me, but couldn't your thought have extended a little further? Like--oh, I don't know--an actual sentence? This is usually how it goes:
Him: "Hey"
Me: "Hey! What are you up to?"
Him: "Just made dinner."
Me, getting slightly annoyed: "Cool. Well, what are you up to tonight?"
Him: "Gonna swing by a dive bar and see some buddies."
Me (in my head): ???????
See what you just did there? Suddenly, I am the one asking you out and getting frustrated at your lack of interest. It's almost as if they are caught off guard that I even responded. This happens to me, like, once a week. There I was enjoying my peppermint tea and after our brief text exchange, I wanna run both you and my cellphone over with a Mack truck. Thanks, Duder. Thanks.

The last who(rah)!

So I scheduled my last online dating meet-up for this past Sunday night–the tail end of a jam/packed weekend. I had been communicating with this dude for a bit and after telling him I was through with POF, I gave him my personal contact info. Although I was completely exhausted, I kept my promise to meet for a drink or 2–even after I got wind of some sort of accent. Part of me thought, Wouldn't it be poetic to connect with my last attempt at this thing (that's Disney talkin'). I asked him to meet me at a newish spot in Federal Hill so that I wouldn't have any run-ins with locals. We actually ran into each other while parking, kinda awkward. More awkward when I realized I wouldn't be able to stand much of the accent and he was way nerdier than I like'm. Then I thought to myself, Could it end any other way?...nope. We walk up to the spot and it's closed. I try to think fast but he suggests a bar that we passed. Of course it's a pretty popular spot where I'm sure to run into familiar faces... I reluctantly agree.

He was not a totally bad looking dude, just needed some work/styling. If I had patience and there were more hours in a day–I might've helped him, but the freakin' accent was killer. He was from Cleveland, Ohio which translates into annoying. His "happy's" were more like "haaaaaaapy" (drop the tongue). I spent the majority of time jotting down a list of alterations in my head... ditch the nerdy glasses for contacts, grow out his hair, ditch the linen shirt!, speech therapy. The whole scene screamed awkward, which naturally was a perfect opportunity for me to run into several people I knew. Two drinks and a slew of yawns later–I call it quits.

So there it is folks. A very un-momentous ending to my adventures in online dating. It all ends with a handshake, yup a handshake. Perhaps I'll revisit the process later on in life, but for now I'm done. Back to meeting men the old fashioned way... drunk at a bar. I've met some quality people at bars btw. And, I've honestly met some interesting people online as well, like: –the inflated dude that sold energy drinks and wore club clothes to a Raven's game –the English dude that had a raunchy sense of humor and crooked teeth –the law student dude that didn't get my humor and had piss poor taste in music –the government dude whose ego could rival a nominated Kanye West at an awards show –the dude with a sick body and even more sickening Southern drawl –the divorcé double agent dude who was guilty of premature babe(ing) –the tormented writer dude who boasted about his illegal activities –the scientist dude studying ear cells and whose mandatory cheers of choice was "la heim" –the firefighter dude that I got snowed in with and had me silently chanting "redrum"

Yes this past year (+3 months) has been busy... I didn't date all these dude's either (so stop your judgement). Lots of Hello/Goodbye's and new friends in all sorts of places. Lil Miss Taco Tuesday likes to joke that my theme song is "Another one bites the dust". I will say that I have never been more clear on what will and will not work for me. I'm open to the possibility that my match might not come in Johnny packaging, but I demand that his heart and intentions match that kind of pretty. Tonight perhaps I'll poor some wine on the stoop for prospect's of dating past... Sounds nice in theory, but that would be a waste.

Weekend in Photos 5.7-5.9

Friday: Ladies hit the Creative Alliance to check out iMusical and other Bmore improv groups. I can't say enough about iMusical... typically performing at the DC Improv, they are a group that improvs well... musicals! They are quick, witty and actually have great voices.

One of the improv groups had the audience keep their cell phones out to shout random Facebook status updates and then poke fun at them, Lil sis called out: "Nothing good happens after 11pm" (I beg to differ ;) Lil Miss J.Boogie and I rockin' our 4eyes.

Saturday: Girlies warming up at the Rowhouse

Fed Hill Cinco de Mayo party... Nothing like an ice luge to keep things crispy on a windy night. I think most of this ended up on my toes, but it was fun regardless. Lil Miss Taco Tuesday's face is priceless!

Fun with props

Sly Fox servin' up vino/More fun with props

Sunday: Mother's Day festivities! My delicious chicken chili and Mama opening her new Mac.