I couldn't have written it better if I was conscious.

Last night I had the best dream and it went in 2 parts.

First part: Johnny Depp (in his Winona Ryder phase) and I are making a movie. A movie where we need to shoot this makeout scene over&over again... Yummm! Too bad the scene never progresses pass PG-13 and then we are running for our lives. We stop at a gas station and we get arrested, but then a van pulls up with our friends who are there to "bail" us out.

Second part: I'm at this sick house in Puerto Rico on the beach. The house has this multi-level deck at the back with slides and multi-level pools. I'm with my family, specifically my lil cousins who are running around playing, eating yummy fried foods and sucking on piraguas. One of my cousins is painting and I think that's a great idea, so I sit down to paint the sunset and there is a crazy warm/moody light in the air.

For the record: I would take this man at any phase of his life.

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