Dreamy isn't he???
Actually he's way dreamier when he opens his mouth (unlike many I know...).
If you aren't already familiar with him, than you're obviously not a fan of the Travel Channel or a Foodie! Anthony Bourdain hosts a show titled No Reservations. I've been familiar with his show for a while now, but last week on my day off–I was glued to the marathon airing. Bourdain travels to local and international spots and immerses himself in local flavor... street food/fine dining/festivals. He has a very unpretentious approach to interacting with locals and sampling food. Oh! and did I mention his love of the "F" word! There are not many people that can make the "F" word sound sweet (James Blunt is another one) and this is a sexy trait in my book. One of my favorite episodes was Sardinia (his wife's homeland). He was surrounded by her family and had extra insight into the customs and food. Plus, a place that revolves around seafood/cheese/wine... what's not to love. New season kicks off on 3/1 @ 10pm (Ecuador/Galapagos).

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