My profile song dedication.

Back in the time of MySpace (or back when I used it), I liked to sync my song with my mood, as I'm sure many people did. Also around that era, I was experiencing living on my own for the first time and coming out of a long/unhealthy relationship (unhealthy–putting it lightly). My response to this new freedom and independence was to go apeshit and light fires all around town (metaphorically speaking). There were not many limits back then and I justified my bad behavior as me deserving to indulge because of all the hell I'd been through. I not only hurt myself but others in my path. Specifically, a Friend whom I had a major crush on for years. Without going into too much detail... I screwed up majorly. I just wasn't in the right mindset to be giving. So, he stopped answering my calls and set this song as his profile on MySpace:

Ouch! It hurt, but I deserved it. Luckily, I went through this period without doing too much damage. I read, I cried and prayed myself out of it. Now, I think it's time to give this song back to the universe or to YOU, because I AM SPENT (insert me wiping the sweat from my brow here).

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