A lil Puerto Ricany... even in my dreams.

Last night I had a dream that one of my ex's and a girlfriend of mine were coming back from the beach. We pull into a gas station, so we can fill-up. While waiting for the ex to fill the gas tank, I spot a car filled with some ghetto-fabulous big girls across from us. One of them starts calling me out for no reason and ripping me to shreds-verbally. What do I do? I throw a piece of pineapple at her from the car (seriously, a piece of pineapple). She gets pissed and the scene switches to a courtroom. She is pressing charges against me for throwing the piece of pineapple at her. I am on trial, but my WHOLE family is there to support me (literally spilling over the pews onto the stand). While trying to defend myself to the judge, I keep getting interrupted by multiple family members who keep insisting I am innocent and that this trial is ridiculous. They get reprimanded several times, but that still does not quite them.

A little Puerto Ricany sound bite

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