Jealousy–the dirty J

Envious of A. (random chic I found online) because she seems to have crazy cool extracurricular activities and enjoys them with effortless style, she also seems to share my love of 70's disco drama fashion.
Envious of B. (Jessica Hische) because she has mad crazy type skillz and has been super successful in the design industry, working with some very cool clients, she also seems to share my love of the "f word" (seen here).

I know/I know jealousy is a crippling sentiment, but I think it's only natural from time-to-time to feel a twinge of it.
Girl Power!

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

Mens Camper-style Watches

Dudes need to wear watches! And, you don't need to spend a ton of money on an obnoxious Breitling either... The following is a trend I'm spotting that I love... canvas/nylon straps good for casual days/nights.

Links Here.

Big in Russia

Apparently, the Russians had a thing for the Mayans... below are some pretty rad Soviet Mayan Playing Cards.

a Hearty Happy Hour

It's Friday, have a cocktail!
I'm currently addicted to Dark 'n Stormy's. The perfect winter cocktail... sweet 'n spicy and super easy to concoct.

They read my mind.

I really miss dropping bombs at the workplace.
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I want...

a nice furry sweater... and to hibernate till Spring. Call me mid-March.

Life Calendars

How do you measure a year? In smiles, in sex? In love, in tears? Here's a nice graphic way to catalog your days.
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A sweet moment I had today....

Manhattan Fashion in Frigid Conditions

Hard to look cute when the wind is whipping round skyscrapers at below freezing temps, but below are a couple ways I observed the ladies who do–rock it in NYC.

Punch a heart today.

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Just cuz.

My 1st Purchase of the Year

I forgot how awesome vintage shopping can be... I picked this up at Woodwards in Hampden. It's got Happy Birthday to Me written all over it.

Damn the Man

How do you measure a life?

Yeah, that last one's not so easy to shrug off.

My 31st year started off fairly quiet. I was complacent yet secure with my job and juggling a busy, yet uninspiring "love life"... all-in-all comfortable. It ends with the see-saw flipping to the other side... I'm excited to be dating only one person (because it's the right person), yet my career has been annoyingly rocky and unstable.

See-saws suck btw. They are the most useless event at the playground. There's like 2 seconds of "Weee..." that involves a killer quad workout and then an abrupt splat on your ass that sends hair-raising vibrations up your spine and not in that good kinda way.


Top 3 Frames are from Marcus Kraft on Relativity

Just damn LOVELY!

I wish... I wish... I wish...

Fun to be had and Mr. Rain's

I rang in 2011 at Mr. Rain's Fun House, a new restaurant on the top level of the Visionary Art Museum. Despite some major kinks in service, I had a blast with a few of my closest friends. The most fun might have been on the way to the Ladies Room with the circus-show-freaky-mirrors. Below are a few flash-happy highlights with Lil Miss Honsauce and I.


Sick designer plays with cashmere... more here.

I want. I need. I must recreate.

and I'll add it to the long list of ongoing projects. Actually, I've already been unknowingly collecting animals for this project... dinosaurs to be exact! I just gotta find a way to saw them in half and screw them to a piece of wood. Purchase here if you choose to go that route.
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First, Second and Third Impressions

I started a new job today and I was going to post this yesterday... talking about how when you first start a new job your wardrobe is super polished the first week... until you feel out the other ladies in the office and little by little see what you can get away with. Working as a graphic designer there is automatically more leeway to be more "creative" with your fashion ensembles. Lucky me ;) tho this typically depends on the amount of client interaction in the office.
------------------------------------------------------Week 1
Designer's Fresh Job: Week 1

Designer's Fresh Job: Week 1 by Goya Girl featuring chiffon tops

------------------------------------------------------Week 2
Designer's Fresh Job: Week 2

Designer's Fresh Job: Week 2 by Goya Girl featuring two tone jewelry

------------------------------------------------------Week 3
Designer's Fresh Job: Week 3

Designer's Fresh Job: Week 3 by Goya Girl featuring plaid tops

Well super lucky me... I can skip right ahead to Week 3! I def saw lots of jeans in the office today and even one hoody. Now all I need is a buddy that enjoys listening to hip hop and indie music, doesn't mind the occasional "f"bomb and is willing to give me sound texting and dating advice or will at least pretend to listen while I recant my weekend absurdities.