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My constant quest

I feel like most designers are always searching for the same things... The perfect mark (logo) to embody their work, the raddest-most original design for a personal tattoo and the perfect-size sketch book with fine toothy paper to house wild and wondrous ideas. Well, I might've just found myself the last... Sleek, black, simple, easy enough to tote around and dotted grid paper! I'm too thrilled, really :)
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Stan the Man... My New Pup!

Stanley is not so Manly... He pees like a girl, he walks in my shadow and he has serious abandonment issues. I'm hoping to toughen him up.


I'm very saddened to hear of the passing of Amy Winehouse. Her "Back to Black" album came to me at a time when I most needed a powerful female voice. I can remember vividly putting those tracks on repeat. I had just moved into my first solo apartment after having just broken up with a longtime (royal Ahole) of a boyfriend. Lots of new found freedom and a "my terms" attitude. It was a really freakin' fun and somewhat self-destructive time and I wouldn't take back one minute. I feel I can dodge bullshit like Neo because of it. Below are some pics from Virgin Festival, Summer 2007. After wearing her album out, I was beyond thrilled to see her live with Lil Miss Taco Tuesday. An epic festival day.

Que Syrah, Syrah... Whatever will be, will be...

Below are 2 wine label designs for my wine club. One of our members came up with the "Que Syrah, Syrah" line based on one of my favorite tunes and our type of grape. We're finally bottling our homemade brew next month, looking forward to finishing the process and tasting the fruits of my labor.

My alter ego 'Kate' for Tuesday

A Hearty Happy Hour

Cool off with this hydrating cocktail this steamy weekend.
I picked this tasty recipe up from here, only 1 thing missing... simple syrup – it helps bind the liquids together and adds a bit of sweetness that it needs.

I get it from my mama...

First off... Aren't these fabulous?
I remember when I bought my first pair of platforms... It was 8th grade. I couldn't get my hands off the Hecht's circular. Totally drooling over a pair of black suede platform sandals that HAD TO BE MINE! I showed them to my Mother and she warned me about going down that path... "They'll be out of style next season... just a fad." And, here I am, many years later, still compiling my collection. Too bad she didn't save hers! I would def rock every piece of her outfit below.
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Photo Booth Love

Since my camera quit this weekend, I took full advantage of the photo booths lining the boardwalk at the beach. No do-overs or deletes are kinda nice...

Freelance Ain't Free... ya betta recognize.

I think I need to rock the Tshirt while handing the stickers out and have the poster taped to my back...
just so they get the message.
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My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

Got my mind on my money, my money on my mind.

A lil Glimpse of the Weekend

So... my camera died this weekend... bummer. Although, it does look like it's been through some sort of war, so prob due time for an upgrade. The following pics are thru my cell phone. Hopefully they capture the spectacular lil vaca I had in the South Jersey shore.


A new temporary tattoo alternative brought to you by Swiss Miss. No rainbows and unicorns here... think design nerd/hipster graphics. Kinda cute, especially since I really want one (a real one) and can't bring myself (yet) to mark my body for like... ever. Purchase on the Tattly site.
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I found his aphrodisiac.

No not that... Well... maybe that too... But look below!

Way cheaper (in most cases) than any Vicky's items, so I'm happy about that. Although... I've never really been a hat person. I've always wanted to be! I just don't think I've found the hat for me. Lately, any time I pass one I've been trying it on, but just getting frustrated because I can't tell if it's "me" or not. While at the mall the other day, I tried some on with Sweet Lips and he gave me the thumbs up or thumbs down and basically dragged me to the register with my purchase. He was damn near giddy at the sight of me wearing a hat. It was pretty funny. So, I settled on a simple straw hat with black ribbon trim... nothing too flappy or big, but a nice size/wide brim option. I'll take some pics this weekend while I rock it on the beach!
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My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

Quote by Ira Glass Well

This is exactly what I needed to start my day.

3 More Days!

All I can think of is the ocean spray, the seafood smorgasbords, the retro rides, sand, sun & Sweet Lips... I can't wait to escape to the shore this weekend! Here are some easy/breezy summertime images of where my head is at.

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A Hearty Happy Hour

This is a recipe I saw that I'm salivating to try... and looking at the ingredients, it's bound to be delish.
Muddled Mint & Cucumber, Vodka, Grapefruit Juice, 
Soda Water & Simple Water Simple, Fresh and Refreshing

Summertime entertaining inspiration courtesy of JL Designs

Squirrel Karma

If this exist, I'm totally screwed since my car has taken 2 squirrel lives in the past 2 weeks. It's honestly a sickening feeling... the sound of crunching/cracking lil harmless squirrel limbs. All he (or she) was trying to do was get a nut... aren't we all in some way or another??? This print by Andreas Krapf made me chuckle.
Check out a couple more of his fun pieces...
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Ooh Jil...

Sander that is.
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Depp Love

The many faces of my very first love...
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I have no problem taking it back to the 70's... on a daily.

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