I think I can get down with these...

They suit both purposes of eyewear and earrings... a timesaver :)
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Brooklyn Flea Purchases

Quite possibly the best money spent in 2011 so far... this Aaaamazing school house roll-down map!  As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine. Well after eyeing it up several times and circling round it like prey. Like who's going to have a retro map of Mexico, Central America and the West Indies ($65) in their house... Like who???
Also picked up an antique seltzer bottle ($25) and an "M" ring ($5) that reminds me of a class ring (currently on the hunt for a real one).
More on the flea here.

Daniel Kornrumpf

Too rad for words! Love the awkward/uncomfortable faces, plus the technique... forgetta bout'it (or really remember it ;) More of Daniel Kornrumpf.
More embroidered art here and here.
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A lil Glimpse of the Weekend

This weekend was nice and chill. I met up with my favoriteist (ex)co-workers in the world... Mouth and May for happy hour on Friday at Victoria's Gastro Pub, for some lobster grilled cheese, duck fat fries and other savory items for the belly. Saturday, Sweet Lips and I went up to Lancaster, PA for a race, then had dinner at Mt. Washington Tavern. Sunday was spent relaxing and doing some minor errands with my nephew Mylo (super duper snuggable puggle extraordinaire!).
Apparently the lil Amish kids really dig bike races, they watched intently on the sidelines. Call me silly, but their close proximity to the corn fields was freakin' me out!
Sunday night steak fajitas and spiked lime-ade concoctions


back in the day when you would co-ordinate outfits with your girlfriend?


I'll take it all!
Every single piece of this bohemian/avant-garde jewelry line belongs in my box.
And... affordable to boot... I may have to treat myself.
Available for purchase on the Maslo Jewelry site.

U2 for Me and 79,999 other folks

Last night I went to the U2 concert in Bmore. Honestly, never been a huge fan... like... their not even in my top 20 or anything, but damn(!) do they have a ton of hits and Bono is an excellent performer. It was a super sticky night in Bmore with a slight breeze only providing enough air to carry the BO around the stadium. The stage was out of this world though... def worth enduring the uncomfortable heat.

Worst Dates in Six Words

Shmitten Kitten asked her readers to submit their worst dates summed up in six words (great idea!).
Here are a couple of her favorites:
  • Suggested Hard Rock Cafe for drinks.
  • Made me sit in the backseat.
  • Yin yang necklace. Serious about it.
  • After hookup, accused of check fraud
  • The guy peed in my hamper.
  • Flashed gun. Then pitched me Amway.
  • Tried to eat Buffalo wings seductively.
  • Puked on my carpet. Denied it.
  • Insisted on tarot card reading first.
  • Used N'Sync to "pump himself up"
  • Covered ex-wife's name tattoo with unicorn.
  • Showed up in inside out sweatpants.
Here is my stab at it:
  • Flaming pink button-up, buttoned down.
  • Oh damn, his skinny pics lied.
  • Stated that he didn't eat vegetables.
  • Teeth like bad British sitcom actor.
  • Was blinded by his bedazzled shirt.

A lil Glimpse of the Weekend

The city was alive with the sound of music! Literally...
I spent this past weekend running all 'round Brooklyn and Queens, totally entertained and in awe of the vibrant life people are living over there. It seemed like there was a celebration on every street corner... Salsa, Reggae music blaring, fire hydrants on full blast, old men playing chess, buffet lines of juicy soul food. In all seriousness... it kinda felt like I was in a Spike Lee flick ;)

The pics below are from my new favorite place in the whole-wide-world... The Brooklyn Flea! An awesome place where indie jewelry designers and artists collide with people selling industrial/vintage finds, while joining forces with gourmet chefs and deli's. My idea of heaven.
The view of Manhattan from the Flea

Stegosaurus Necklace? What!?!
My lil cuz and I with our purchases and our photo ops.

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

I'm realizing that one of the things I like most about "growing up" is assigning my own guilt.

I'm not a quitter...

But I temporarily set this project aside after 2 frustrating tries. I mean I'm pretty crafty and skilled with my hands... I can make intricate corsets and drape original patterns for crying out loud, so why can't I get a freakin' friendship bracelet started??? I just found more instructive instructions below, so I plan on giving it another shot.

Olsen T's

My favorite twins are unveiling an affordable Tshirt line for $30 each. Way better than the average $300 for their Row line. Check'em out at Stylemint.com.

Concert Ensemble: U2 and Florence & the Machine

Next week is my first (of hopefully many) concerts of the summer. I'm super excited to see U2 and Florence & the Machine at the Ravens stadium in Bmore. As I look at the concert and festival season calendar, I'm keeping an eye out for fun festival attire. Below is an ensemble that I think will be appropriate for my upcoming show.
Links at Polyvore

A shout-out to all the oddballs out there

"The best things and best people rise out of their separateness; I'm against a homogenized society because I want the cream to rise."
-Robert Frost.

Mood Board: Interior Inspiration

Below are a couple drool-worthy interiors that I'd like to catalog for inspiration. Check out more and view links on my pinterest page.

2 Artists 2 Get 2 Know

A lil Glimpse of the Weekend

This weekend was spent celebrating Lil Miss Lil Sis' 26th Bday. We started Friday with the fam and the most delicioso guava cake ev... then continued with dinner and dancing on Saturday (Adela & The Get Down–always a sweaty/blurry good time!)