Some online pic Do's and Dont's

-No pics of you and your pimp ride. I don't care how pimp it is!
-No pics with babies, toddlers, etc. I don't care how cute they are-this is not a turn on.
-Have ALL your pics taken by yourself in your mirror. Makes me think you have no friends.
-No glamour shots if you are not a paid model or realtor. Vain.
-No flexing or semi-nude shots. Please leave something to the imagination, plus it makes me think you're overcompensating for other areas.
-No cats! Suspect.
-Forget to label yourself in group shots. I could be looking at your much cuter friend and be wasting time.
-Get so close I can count your nose hairs.
-No before&after shots. Why am I interested in the you that was 5, 10 years ago(thinner/more hair)?
-No blurry pics. Blurry pics imply you are only attractive from afar.
-Have pics of yourself in exotic locations. Says your adventurous/cultured.
-Have pics in boats that are possibly yours. Girls like boats, well at least this one.
-Have pics with dogs. They are a bonus, unless they are girly dogs-in that case: Suspect
-Have pics with mom or family. Men with good family relationships are usually well-rounded.
-Have full-frontal face shots. So I know your not hiding a hairy mole.


Jamie said...

Somebody just hit my funny bone....I'm talking about my elbow!

The Hearty Project said...

Thanks for clarifying :)

Josh said...

Wait, no cats? Too gay?

The Hearty Project said...

–Nothing sadder than a lonely cat boy
–Why have a cat when you can have a dog
–Any more than one catty bitch in the house is one too many :)