Online dating of the good variety

So, I went on a total blind date with a book club last night! Well... not totally blind (I have been following the blog of one of the members), but this was our first meeting and I had some major butterflies. I actually welcomed this feeling with open arms, since any recent dates have left me totally apathetic. These days, dates are lucky if I shower and apply lipgloss-but last night I sprayed the good perfume and even plucked a couple eyebrow hairs. I also stopped by my neighbor's house to have a warm-up drink and so they could make fun of what a dork I was. Being that I hadn’t read the book (only knew about it days prior), I showed up late to try and avoid the discussion that I couldn’t contribute to. I arrived to a boat full of sushi and bottles of white wine (already my kind of girls!). The conversation revolved around work, idiot boys, movies, past events/future events, boardgames, and yeah some book talk... It was a breathe of fresh air-a nice change of pace from oohing and aahing over kitchen utensils and the ins and outs of breast feeding. Initially I was afraid I would be put on the spot, ignored, judged, etc. But, none of that took place. It was pretty darn effortless and wonderful. I left giddy with the possibility of new friends, maybe it sounds silly-but it has always been hard as hell for me to meet women with similar interests and at similar points in life. BEST OF ALL-my new lady blogger friend didn’t make me wait! I received a confirmation text shortly after I arrived home-that feelings were mutual. No waiting games, no mixed signals-just honesty... Now that is something to ooh and ahh over!  

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