My eggs are fresh-according to my gyn

To the left is an APOLOGY LOAF (banana bread with nuts) given to me by my co-worker today. I actually demanded this loaf–even demanded it be low in fat/high in flavor. I figured it was the least my co-worker could do after putting my womanhood in question. I work in a room with 2 other females who we'll nickname Mouth and May (since they may re-appear) and I sit in the middle. FYI: the lack of PCness in MY office could def rival that of The Office. Generally, no subject is off limits and thick skin is preferred. So on the morning in question, I was sitting quietly at my desk/catching up on emails/sipping coffee, when Mouth says to May (over my head): "Hey May, I got a tip for ya." Ok, some backstory: Mouth often gives "tips" and usually they revolve around software shortcuts from email updates she gets, which she announces to both May and I. On this morning, I quietly wondered why I had been left out of the "tip"... "So, May," she says, "when your thinkin' about enlisting your kids in sports–pick lacrosse or maybe even soccer because their practices are an hour long, compared to football which is two..." I really can't remember if there was more to this "tip", because upon realizing that this was a personal attack on my womanhood–my head started to slowly rotate in her direction (or maybe it did a 360 like the exorcist-not sure). After giving her the look of death, I say, "What is there no hope for me? Am I barren? Are my eggs no-good? Are my eggs ROTTEN?" Ha/Ha, we laughed about it, but I could not get over how I was left out of the motherhood conversation. Yes, I am single and May just got hitched, but she has no plans to bear children in the near future and even so–I do plan to be a mother someday! Who knows I could even beat May to the punch (doubtful, but still). I immediately demanded a low-fat baked good and later specified that I would like a low-fat banana bread with nuts. Today, was my payday. I guess since Mouth baked an APOLOGY LOAF, I have to lay off on the whole rotten eggs deal, but I may try and milk something else out of her or just make her feel uncomfortably foolish for a lil longer... why not.

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