Women are silly.

So I awoke early Saturday morning to attend a Nordstrom’s Trend show with some of the sweet ladies in my family. They had gone to them in the past and recommended getting there at 6:30am to secure a seat up front. I said a “hells no” to this and volunteered to bring the Starbucks in exchange for rolling up right before start time (8am). I should’ve put some Bailey’s in my coffee to prepare me for the SCREAMING/clearly-not-in-their-right-mind women that I had to deal with for the next 2hours. Wow, I like fashion and beauty products just as much as any other woman, but apparently not enough to be spontaneously jumping from my seat with joy and hysteria. The premise of this is: the louder more over-the-top you got, the greater possibility of you scoring free shit (I mean products). Yeah, free stuff is nice, but frankly from what I could tell (and judging the cars in the parking lot) none of these woman were hurting for the nicer beauty products in life. The greatest cringe-worthy moment were the tweens doing their best to get the attention of the host... in hopes of what? A free Clarisonic (battery operated device used to reduce the appearance of your pores). Upon one of these tweens actually winning one of these ($200) contraptions (through raffle), the Clarisonic rep assures the audience that the device can be used from ages 8-80. Excuse me? I don’t think 8 year olds need to be worried about their pores! They have all their late-20’s and up to be doing that.

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