Crafty bastard highlights

This weekend, I attended Crafty Bastards in Adams Morgan. The vendors at this arts & crafts festival can be primarily described as quirky and kitch, with a sizeable dash of dark humor. There was also an amazing Bboy competition, which mesmerized me for a large part of the day... especially the dude with a prosthetic leg who didn't skip a beat and continued to "battle" after removing his leg... truly inspiring. Below are some bastards that stood out:
Also, I can't leave out the cuddly soft penis' with sarcastic inscriptions:
Art links: Berkley Illustration, Brainstorm, Rar Rar Press, Tugboat Printshop, The Black Spot Books, and last but not least The Prick Cushion


The New Glitterati said...

I totally love this:

I finally completed the "GO F*CK YOURSELF" one. It's lovely.

MNCampiz said...

These are great! Trying to figure out who I can gift one with for Xmas... they def need the blinged-out frames to drive the point home :)