Oh this? it's custom.

I dig this trend! Making accessories and apparel "your own". I have a strong affinity for watches... leather, metal, chunky, feminine, old school, modern (I think I need one of each). At La Mer's site you can create your own eclectic vibe, mixing metal faceplates with different color leather bands and adding whatever charms your into. Below are some combinations I came up with, I like the idea of mixing the types of metals and I always gravitate towards gold. Great prices BTW (customized watches are approx. $118).
More customization at Ralph Lauren, specifically with their Rugby Collection. Here you can pick from polos, cardigans, rugbys, hats, etc. and add a variety of preppy themed patches, numeric patches or specific text. Some of this is silly because it's pretty simple to iron on or sew most of this stuff, but I do dig the opportunity to tag your name–you know, just in case your cardigan or rugby gets misplaced with your girlfriends or somesuch. And I really dig this rugby-esque dress, I picture it pairing nicely with some tights and leather boots. Rugby dress approx. $128.


Jamie said...

Dig the Blog! BTW, that ralph lauren rugby shirt/dress looks straight out of Harry Potter! And who's Shorty Roc? ;)

The Hearty Project said...

I wish I would've realized that sooner... it could've been an easy Halloween costume that I could've put to more use!