Ray all day, everyday

Friday night I saw Ray LaMontagne at the Meyerhoff in Bmore, backed by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra... phenomenal! The show far exceeded all my expectations. His voice was even sweeter and more deliciously raspy in person. I'd like to have at least one of his bastard children, is this too much to ask?! Here is a quickie review of the show by the Sun. The show's arranger and conductor was David Campbell (Beck's Daddy), picked out by my friend Sharkey.


The New Glitterati said...

You lucky, lucky little star. I love him!! Though how was the Meyerhoff as a venue? I feel like I'd like to see Ray in a grotty bar with dim lighting, drinking a warm ale British-style. But maybe that's just because the first time I heard his music I was in the UK. :-)

The Hearty Project said...

I definitely would have preferred to be a lil more up-close-and-personal (kinda hard to profess your love at the Symphony), but it was still absolutely breathtaking.