20 Male Poses of Facebook

This had me in tears and got me the stank eye at work for my riotous laughter.

Today's the day kids!

He's back... He's here... Well, in my heart he never left. Freddy Krueger! My boogeyman of choice. ACTUALLY, he is the first boogeyman I came to know. Now this might look bad on the 'Rents, but A Nightmare on Elm Street is my first recollection of a movie watching experience. I was 5.

Today I tried to describe to Mouth and May how excited I am... that I couldn't even watch the previews by myself–I'd have to change the channel. That he has tormented me for years and I love it! Mouth says, "Geez, how are you going to sleep tonight?" I say (without hesitation), "vodka."

Yes/yes, Freddy grew more stand-up comedian in his later years, but it didn't/doesn't matter to me. Once you have this idea/image of terror from an early age–it's embedded. The music, the house, the glove, those spooky lil girls jumping rope! I have goosebumps just typing about it. Even the Fresh Prince's A Nightmare on My Street makes me a bit anxious. I'm not even linking that cuz if you don't know what I'm talking about... shame!

So the point of all this IS that I'm pumped!!!

Chic Crush

I'll take a temporary break from the Olsen's to highlight another girlie crush of mine...
Selma Blair is Smokin'! Love her sweet N' edgy style. Always extremely polished/chic and she totally rocks a jumpsuit.


Well, I thought I was done. Ready to call it quits with online dating. MY CONCLUSIONS: There are no better prospects online than the local bar. It's time consuming and more times than not–a total waste of time. If dudes are not falsely representing themselves than they are just trying to cast a wider net to get laid. There are some rare cases but they require mucho work/time to find. And, frankly I'm too busy for the process. I had even informed Mouth and May (Mouth didn't react too positively, naturally she would miss the entertainment). GI Dreamy thought my blog might suffer... I reassured him that I have enough material with local idiots–which I do. I planned to cancel my last account this week and I probably still will, but it's gems like these that make me hesitate:

wanflap contacted me this week and asked me if I had attended a recent fashion show. His picture looked decent. His info stated he lived in Bmore/39/Writer/Graduate Degree... Ok, I'll bite. I read his "About Me". It was a sample of his writing, here goes:
We were dynamite on the dance floor, Jana (pronounced Yana) could dance like J.Lo; I played it cool. She was all mine, and I could see the envy on the faces of the guys around me. We took a break to drink some water, “Oh, I want to go to the toilet.” she asked. “Yea me too, let’s go.” On the way to the restrooms, we passed by the men’s room first. I suddenly grabbed her hand and yanked her into the men’s bathroom, announcing to the gentlemen lined up along the wall peeing in urinals, “Alright gentlemen, I hope you don’t mind a little visitor tonight.” She was turning red with embarrassment, but I could tell she was enjoying it; after all, it was all part of the adventure. I quickly pushed her into the last corner stall and closed the door. The fellows were still giggling as I nonchalantly took a piss, balancing my beer on the urinal. When I finished, I banged on her stall door, “Hey dude, hurry up, others are waiting out here, don’t ya know?” The guys at the urinals broke out laughing. She came out of the stall and, still red with embarrassment, headed right for the door, but I wasn’t going to let her off so easy. Before she reached the door I blocked her, stating, “Hey dude, you got to wash your hands, don’t forget that now!” Laughing, she washed her hands as requested when from nowhere a pruney old lady appeared out of nowhere and reached for her, saying something in Czech, “afzzckkda...ze haf zzcvl...dobre fjajfd.” I figured she was part of the cleaning staff or something and was probably calling Jana a whore or something nasty. She reached for Jana again, but this time I grabbed her hand and pushed her back, yelling, “Hey you old hag, get out of here, don’t you know this is the Men’s room!” The old lady was surprised, but continued yelling something in Czech as she scurried along down the hall, I presume to get the club bouncers. I knew it was a good time to boogie so I grabbed Jana’s hand and we fled, trading the Men’s room for a moon lit night in Prague.

Yeap, I’m a writer. I write the adventures, we’ll live them.

(Is it real? Is it fiction? Tag me to find out!)

If this dude makes a living as a writer than I'm quitting my day job and starting my memoirs. Wow, how many references to the pisser can this guy make. Is this supposed to be a flirty love scenario? Even if I didn't have public restroom phobia I would still be totally grossed out. Not too mention all the grammatical errors (not that I'm Ms. Grammar or spellcheck), but geez Mr. Grad Degree... in what? I have not replied yet. I'm trying to configure the perfect response for this cheesiness. Any suggestions are welcome. 

Another gem:
BosphorousMan–very attractive European dude (too attractive–actually most of his pictures look like stock photography to my trained eye). In his "About Me" he writes: I am looking for someone who is fun, outgoing, and honest, makes me laugh, and is down to earth. When i am with someone i treat them really good, i am a "true" gentleman (ask me the difference between gentleman and true gentleman, I will explain ;-)) Ok, I'll bite... 
goyagirl: So... what's the difference? between a gentleman and a true gentlemen? 
BosphorousMan: Hi, :-) If I tell you the difference you will run away ;-) 
goyagirl: I am not easily scared or intimidated... So fire away. 
BosphorousMan: A gentleman invites his GF to show his picture collection and he just shows the collection, and a true gentleman invites his GF to his house and have sex with her as she expected ;-) That's my Italian coworker told me ;-) 
goyagirl: Sure/Sure your Italian coworker... So do you show your "collection" on the 1st date? Because Americans have another word for that.

So, now do you see why I'm torn?

My alter ego "T" for Tuesday

I'm typically not a fan of the attitude "T". If you're really a bad@ss–
then you have no need to spell it out across your chest... but sometimes I go soft...
Tshirt available at Married to the Mob.

B-more Ridiculous.

I've recently discovered the witty/smart@ssiness of B-more Ridiculous and am lovin' it. The following are a few of my fave's:

If you've been IN my friend I don't want to go OUT with you.

history 101
it's nice that you want to act like you're bff with someone you met 10 days ago, but i already met and decided they were lame 10 years ago

Case closed
While talking about Disney movies, it was decided that she was 25% lady and 75% tramp.

Aint no party like a Hopkins party
I know you are all excited that you got your own place, but there is no reason to get ca-raaaaazy on a thursday night. Also, your "after party" only lasted till 3:30 am.

no i'm not being "sassy", i'm being a bitch so you'll leave me alone.

Calm down
Obviously I was kidding when I told the whole party I was going to murder you

Quotes from the Weekend 4.23-4.25

(Watching a graphic plastic surgery show with the family and listening to my mother list off the procedures she would like done)
Me: I want lypo.
Mom: You need a shrink, not lypo.

(Mom is handing me Benedryl after viewing my Sister's Kenya slideshow)
Mom: You want some water with that?
Me: (Holding glass of wine) Mom, there are thirsty kids in Kenya, I'm not going to waste this.

(Listening to a new rap song)
Me: He's rappin' like he's a centaur.
Cousin: I don't know what that is.
Me: 1/2 man 1/2 horse, horse on bottom, man on top

(Checkin' out some dude)
Cousin: No, I can't do that. I can't date a man I can lift.

(After losing repeatedly on SingStar)
Me: Uh, I hate to lose! I really hate to lose!
Friend: I know (nods head), I'm scared of you when you lose... I'm scared of you when you win.

(At Sunday brunch with neighbor)
Neighbor: I haven't had too many bad breakups but when I was 17 I fell in love with this Mexican girl, even bought her a house... Wow, I was an @sshole for years because of that girl.

Neighbor: Once I figured out you can make your own trophies, I realized I didn't have to be good at anything. 

(After being caught with a girl in his bedroom years ago)
Neighbor's Mother: I can't believe your doing this in my house... Your blocking my blessings.

(Mother butting into my conversation with my sisters)
Mother: So wait a minute, who has the swagger?
Sisters: (In unison) Not him!

Halloween '10 inspiration

Never too early...

Nothing brings me more joy at this moment, than this.


Good times in the grass Easter Sunday.

My conscience made me do it...

I made a hearty attempt to return cabbie's DTMM coffee mug this weekend. Apparently, my friend had grabbed his business card before exiting the cab. To rub in my naughty deed, friend sent me a picture of it. With cabbie's contact info. I felt compelled to try and right my wrong.

Why? Because I have this crazy thing called a conscience! It's kinda old school... 
a dying feeling/concept in today's society, but necessary for MY existence.

So I rang cabbie (Tom) and explained how I was the silly girl (jerk) in his cab last Friday and I might have taken (stole) something that was not mine and I'd really like to return it (so I can sleep at night). Luckily he saw the humor in the situation... I offered to meet him at the 711 or my house if he was in the area. He wasn't, so I said I'd be at my house till 8 (solid 4 hour window). He said he'd call me back.

8 rolls round and no call from cabbie Tom, so I continue on with my night.

Sad but true... I had no clue what cabbie Tom looked like. Every cab I got in that night I wondered if it was Tom's. Naturally I would ask. I believe on my 3rd cab of the night... I FOUND HIM! Seriously, Bmore is small but the chances are slim of running into the same cabbie and I was on a side of the city I don't usually hang out in. Of course I had a lil freak out session in the cab. Maybe I used the terms "fate" and "destiny" more than once or twice. Either way I promised to return his stolen mug one way or another. I even peeked into the front seat to see his current replacement–no way as nice as the one I stole.

So that's that. I plan on calling Tom every weekend till I can return it, maybe I'll just carry it around with me like the Scarlet Letter till our paths cross again.

BTW: Urban Outfitters is selling artist prints online now (even turning them into "skins"). 
Purchase this one here.

For you designers and fans of fonts:

This is just part of a font flow chart intended to aid in your decision-making process.
Check out the full-size here.


An old high school boyfriend sent me this pic recently, just as I was contemplating where this past year had gone. A friend of his sent it to rub in how his physique had changed (nice friend). I would guess this is Homecoming ‘96. Saying this turns my stomach. Luckily, I resisted temptation to let that sink in... He is currently married with two kids (married to a Puerto Rican chic BTW...), doing well from what I can tell.

One of the triggers to this contemplation was an upcoming meeting for “closure”. HIS WORDS not mine. I don’t think I’ve ever requested “closure” in this lifetime. I received a late-night text followed by a late-night voicemail a while back with the foreward: “I’m not drunk” (Really? Cuz it’s 3am–I most certainly hope you are). I was actually sound asleep. I love late-night epiphanies that are not mine! Especially admissions of guilt/fault, “I’m sorry, I was an idot.” Truly a nice way to wake up on a Sunday morning.

I agreed to meet up with Closure Dude because I was interested in hearing his reasoning and there were no ill feelings whatsoever. Basically, we had been casually dating for a small period (almost a year ago) and he was going on a month long trip which caused some kind of confusion... Maybe he thought I expected him to be faithful to me while away (wrong) or maybe he thought I should be faithful to him (wrong again). Anyways, that kind of weirdness combined with THIS was the excuse for his abrupt disconnect: A playful/smart@ss text message. First off, 9 times out of 10 there is an element of sarcasm or silliness to everything I say. This does not mix well with sensitive types, but after hanging out with me for several weeks–you should be able to pick up on this.

Backstory for said text: It’s Tuesday night. I’m at Bay Café for an industry party (all the lush’s of Bmore unite), free booze/food/band and I’m with my partner in crime. Closure Dude sends me a text asking what I’m up to. I respond with my whereabouts. He responds about his recent softball game and I believe I respond with something like “miss me yet?”. This text is sent ABSOLUTELY jokingly (I had just seen him 2 days prior). He responds, “I just saw you." I thought really? How can he not know I’m just screwing around? I thought he obviously had no sense of humor and probably took himself a lil too seriously for me. Apparently, I didn’t respond for a week and it was the day before his trip (which is what he says). He also said that he added “ha/ha” before “I just saw you.”–which I do not remember. It certainly would’ve lightened my view on his inability to take a joke (I guess). I know how ridiculous this sounds. Believe me, I could not stop laughing the whole time he’s explaining this and I’m realizing how a silly text was the reason.


I know sarcasm/smart@ssiness/jokes don’t necessarily read well over text, but geez (not jeez)! I am always misinterpreted to the point that I over-wink the hell out of everything-I hate it. But honestly these people that I must insert mandatory (mandatory being the key word here) winks to... I don’t really like them that much.

Cuz sometimes you need to say things 2x

Frank has an eHarm profile... too bad I already deleted mine :(

Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is.

I’ll interrupt the usual rant of what some dummy said to me to pay respect to one of my hero’s. I'm truly melancholy to hear of the passing of Guru. Listening to Gang Starr always provided comfort back in the day after moving to Maryland and missing the sights/sounds and flavor of NYC. He will forever hold a soft spot in my heart.

Keith Elam
(July 17, 1966 – April 19, 2010)

Hard to Earn is a Hip Hop must.
Ahh... Guru. Thank you.

Kinda like love...

Available at pen pencil stencil... sold out and out of my budget.

Clogs are comin', actually they came.

I'm totally down with any trend that's going to add some height. I've been seeing a slew of clogs on the scene these days. Some of them are pretty awful actually, but here are a couple that I would rock...


As usual the Olsens are ahead of the curve.

FYI: I think this trend works best when you show lots of leg!
1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 • 8 • 9

To be fair... My Profile.

I am Seeking a Man For: Dating
o you drink? Socially
arital Status: Single
rofession: Graphic Designer
marts: Bachelors degree
o you want children? Yes
you do drugs? No
Do you have children?No
o you have a car?N/A
Art • M
ovies • Fashion • Culture • Live Music • Catch Phrase • Wine and lots of it • Sunshine • Travel • Tapas • Down Comforters • Black/White • Stephanie Klein • the Delete Key • New Vocab • Interior Design • Matching Utensils • Tennis • Halloween • Salsa-not the edible kind • Local Pride • Monograms • the humm of a Fan • Eggs Benedict           
About Me
a few things that get my heart-rate up: Discovering new artists whose work is so beautiful-it scares me stiff, Unique patterns/textiles/textures, Ray LaMontagne, Cookouts with the fam where the convo is at obnoxious levels, eating outside, Cheersing (it’s in the urban dictionary) over wine that tickles my tongue, competitive party games :) Losing myself in music and heavy kisses. Planning my escape.
I'm c
hanging this to WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: a man with enthusiasm for life, adventure and love, a man with the ability to communicate ideas/emotions in a non-overly emotional way, a man with the ability to see a problem and fix it or at least attempt to (must know how to use power-tools and have a can-do attitude!), someone with aspirations of a tight family unit and last but not least, someone not afraid to show how much they adore me.

Dinner/Drinks are nice BTW, but chemistry is key.

Oh and another thing... Do I expect to meet Mr. Wonderful on this thing? Most probably not... but I am not looking for cuddle-buddies, eff-buddies, or just plain old buddies... I have enough, thanx.

*Now this last part was added specifically for all the loose men that frequent this site!
What do you think? Any advice? Too "artsy" (ooh, I hate that word!)? Too b*tchy?

Do you like candy? How about grilled meats?

This site is always good entertainment. I've met some interesting people here and there, but they are very few and far between. I honestly don't check it much... when i do–I make sure Mouth and May are around so that we can share in the hilarity.

Today's INBOX:
dm147 writes: (I won't bore you with all of it...)
–I love textures. I Always feel materials when shopping, and I can't believe that material isn't a factor for some.
–Just how competitive are you? I am very competitive, but I can play games without losing my temper. And I can play for fun, but it is a different place mentally.
–You look really cure in your glasses.

–Do you like candy? How about grilled meats? Do you know where to get good Ceviche? Tell me more please...

tbone1070 writesMy eyes have seen the glory!!

daveyindc writes: Looking for love in all the wrong places huh? I am assuming that means gay bars, truck stops, and country music festivals?
His "About Me": Looking for a modest woman....modest in your view of your own attractiveness. I am looking for somebody decent, not hot.
I am looking for a fun, adventurous, hopefully romantic woman, who is NOT one of the following:
- immature
- a brat
- a heavy smoker
- blocks people (yes, blocking people is rude and childish, and shows that somebody is potentially a real snot :)
My response: "Looking for a modest woman....modest in your view of your own attractiveness. I am looking for somebody decent, not hot." I am none of these things.

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday


I’m a jerk and here are some examples.

Example 1: I stole this mug Friday night from a cabbie. This is just one example of what a self-serving snot I can be when I’m drunk. I’ve done worse but I feel really bad about this one. The mug has not moved from my counter. I’m scared to touch it. My bad energy is all over it. I'm trying to figure out what I can do with it to reverse my kharma. I have been tipping my cabbies very well since then. I figure I have at least a year of over-tipping to make up for it.

There comes a certain point in a night of heavy drinking when I call it quits... Lights out. Nothing good will come out of my mouth or from my actions and it happens pretty quickly. Usually following shots–which I absolutely can not handle any more. Most times my immediate reaction is to leave. I want my bed and I could care less who I’m with. Example 2: Saturday morning, I also woke up to a “U suck” message from one of my good friends that I apparently ditched.

Example 3: One year, after a long day at Brew at the Zoo, an old friend and I came back to my place. Being the gentleman that he was... He offered to walk my girlfriend home who lived 8 doors down. Cool, but in the 8 or so minutes it took him to walk there and back–I completely passed out. He banged repeatedly on the doors and windows but no answer. He walked back to my girlfriends house but she had already left for a late-night snack. So my sweet county friend was stuck in Pigtown with no idea where to go. He ended up walking to Martin Luther King Blvd and hailing a cab. Luckily nothing happened to him. And this was someone that I was actually interested in. Sometimes I have an odd (effed up) way of showing interest. I can think of several other scenarios where my interest could be misinterpreted as selfishness.

Not only am I a selfish lush, but I’m fairly superficial. I lie–I do have an idea in my head as to the type of guy I should be with and he looks a lot like Johnny (of course!). I’ve pushed dudes away based on some really dumb nitpicky shiz. Height is a big issue with me. My “type” has typically been tall. I equate height with strength and security, though I’m not sure what I need protection from.

Example 4: Let’s say not too long ago... I dismissed a dude based pretty much on height alone, even though we had a great time together–even though he was the only dude that I looked forward to spending time with and didn’t make me break out in hives after long periods of said time. Dude was very good to me and I just couldn’t picture us together. I even went as far as telling him straight out, “I don’t see us developing into a relationship.” Honestly the attraction was not there at that moment. I had this ideal “Johnny” in my head and this dude didn’t fit. So I go away and realize that maybe I’m an idiot, maybe I’m passing up on someone that I really need in my life. I come back and express that I might have made a mistake, but too late–damage done.

This last example has shook me. A serious slap. It’s made me take a 2nd look at my relationships and maybe give 2nd chances to dudes I would instantly dismiss. This is time-consuming though... And according to this theory, with enough time and positive thought I can make myself dig anyone. Where is the passion/fun in that???

I’m just currently resolved to be a lil more open (and be better about saying no to shots). I spend a lot of time on here highlighting flaws in others. I thought it was only fair that I be honest with mine... but I’m done for now. It’s way more fun to highlight Yours.

Weekend in Texts 4.09-4.11

Text Messages INCOMING
  • Free reign with me hon.
  • So how about that drink?
  • The elipses is todays way of saying you should come.
  • I can make that accommodation :)
  • Coke slurpee was a fantastic idea
  • Parsley, sage, rosemary and thime... I love you call me if you need me!!
  • And an island never crys.... Ok I will qouting simon ang garfunkel lol
  • What’s that supposed to mean ya bum?!
  • Well... Hopefully he blows it & u call me.
  • Well obviously u can’t watch without me...
  • U suck
  • Ha. Or tortellini
  • Circus???
  • Can I call you or are you busy?
  • I'm 6'
Text Messages OUTGOING
  • Where? Bmore? What kind of crowd?
  • Sorry, I was so done! :( can’t handle shots no more... Hope you got home ok
  • Ok, I want to play!!!
  • Good, although I’m not sure I’ve forgiven myself yet...
  • I think you mean Good Afternoon
  • You suck
  • Yeah, we’ll be there soon
  • You coherent?
  • Def good Sunday :)
  • Hola Loca.
  • I need coffee and a bagel.
  • I like the sound of that.
  • I’ve been called many things... Boring has never been one of them.
  • ;)
Def not as exciting as these...

Brooklyn, baby.

Brooklyn is most certainly where the boys are–make no mistake. On my recent trip back, I fell in and out of love on every street corner. So many intriguing looking men. Men with layers and relevant ideas (I assume). No one 'round here sparks that kind of curiosity (yawn). I know I’m making gross exaggerations based on appearance alone, but I don’t care because they can back their shiz up in Brooklyn.

A constant reminder...

Brunch at Palo Santo

At my Great Uncle's Park in Williamsburg, more about his life.

Pics of old pics at my Aunt's house.

Soaking up the local color.

My Uncle's new tattoo.

Tall and Handsome with a Side of Swagger please.

My sisters recently met a “date” of mine. Not really on purpose... circumstances just worked out that way. I generally don’t bring prospects around family till I’m sure they’re worth it. Well one of my sisters commented to me the next day that she didn’t see my attraction, that he wasn’t really my type and had no swagger. The latter made me laugh. After I regained composure, I asked her, "What is my type?" We started to analyze my past boyfriends and tried to link their common traits. We couldn’t, but she still adamantly believed they had things in common. For me they were all different personality and swagger types. In the past, I feel like I’ve let the pendulum swing from one extreme to another. If I was recently in a relationship with a jocky type dude well then my next boyfriend is usually the opposite. This never really works. I need happy medium. I need artsy lumberjack. Let me know if you come across one.

Lil Miss Mimosa asked me recently what my type was and I responded, "someone who is into the arts, down with family and doesn’t lie." That about sums it up... Frankly, I don’t really know what my type is. I just know who he’s not... See here.

But my sister is right, I demand a certain amount of swagger. I define swagger as confidence, as knowing who you are and not being afraid to be that around anyone or in any situation. I think this “date” of mine had this and my sister was merely judging on his style. If it’s style you need... You are with the right lady. I can style ya, but swagger I can’t teach that. And even if I could, I wouldn’t want to invest the time and effort. For crying out loud dude, stand up straight and look me in the eye... That’s a start. 

BTW: Ginger + Liz Nail Polish in Swagger of course! Who knew Swagger was a shade of glittery peachy/pink. Purchase here.

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday


I love people watching!

Check this out:  Cool Photo Project
What's that dude in the plaid shirt measuring?
What's up with the couple wearing eye patches?
The dude with the crazy haircut and winged-R on his shirt kinda looks like a young Woody Harrelson.

New show idea...

I'd like to pitch it to MTV...
It's called 31 and on Birth Control. Do you think they'd go for it? I can bring the drama, especially for a sponsor. I would put the money to way better use than those stupid brats on 16 and Pregnant. Their babies are screwed for life anywayz. I could use the money for my monthly Pill Bill which keeps rising! For years/post-college I would continue to go to the clinic and get free yearly supplies. I'd say I was still a student (I really liked education) or just show them a waitressing pay stub and pay $2 bucks. At my previous job a pack of birth control ran me about $10/month. Current job about $15/month until NOW with insurance hike... $26/month. I'm pissed. To add insult to injury, the jerks will only give you 1 pack at a time. I'm very close to getting back in line with the Baby Mama's and claiming I'm unemployed. Hell if broke Hipsters are dining on wild salmon, heirloom tomatoes and triple crème cheese, than I don't feel bad for taking advantage of the system.
Geez, soon I'll be drinking rail, eating at Olive Garden and dating this guy
... the horror!

Chemistry Test

I was actually warned prior to signing up that it was a total waste of money, but I felt compelled to investigate for myself–primarily to round out my online dating study. Unlike eHarm and POF, there was absolutely no attraction to any of their prospects. They weren't awful... just no one that I would waste keyboard strokes on. Lots of middle-of-the-road men. A majority of the profiles were a bore. Not that I'm looking for the bad boy, but if you can't sell yourself–you're probably not the man for me.

Before joining, users are required to answer a series of questions to determine your personality type. This series was nothing compared to the interrogation of eHarm, but def way more intense than POF. The site separates people into 4 different categories: Explorers, Directors, Negotiators and Builders.
Explorers are spontaneous, creative and open-minded. Directors are decisive, focused and independent. Negotiators are imaginative, empathetic and nurturing. Builders are social, loyal and dependable. I was deemed an Explorer, although I was equal parts Negotiator according to my pie chart.

Chemistry is set-up similar to eHarm, where prospects are sent to you (supposedly based on your personality type and wants), but again I received a full range of "men" nowhere near what I wanted or needed. The following is a typical possible match:

I will say I did enjoy receiving emails with the subject line: Meet your match Johnny, he's a Builder.
Nothing hotter than a man that can actually make shiz happen.

I also thought my personality type was right on. Way more so than my astrological sign (Capricorn I am not). And what's the deal with people actually referring to their astrological signs these days??? Totally unacceptable, especially for the generation that knows nothing of the 70's.

More on my diagnosis:
About your personality
You are a highly spontaneous, inquisitive and energetic person who always likes to try new things. You find novel and unpredictable situations challenging and exciting. You particularly like discussing big ideas and having conversations about complex social, political or intellectual puzzles. And you are able to juggle a lot of projects at the same time; as a result you are sometimes a whirlwind of activity. You have a firm grip on reality and enjoy living in the present tense. But you have a keen imagination that enables you to lift off from reality to be remarkably creative. You are humorous. You are able to laugh at yourself. And you are agreeable, adaptable and changeable. You impose few limits on others and have little tolerance for fixed rules, schedules or traditions. You have a deep sense of compassion. You can show genuine insight into the needs of others; you are good at listening, talking and compromising; and you express a genuine desire to be helpful to others and to the world at large.
Relating to others
You are charismatic, agreeable and adaptable and you can adapt to just about any social situation, convincing others you are just like them. And with your flexibility, liberal attitude and lack of prejudice, you can find something interesting in just about anyone. But when your interest wanes, you depart; you cannot tolerate boredom.
In love and relationships
As an Explorer you like knowledge, adventure and the pleasures of the senses, and you are drawn to those who are enthusiastic, curious, creative and energetic-people like yourself. Sex is important to you, too. As a Negotiator, you have a big heart; you are flexible and sensitive to the feelings of others and you are driven to seek harmony in your social life. So you avoid conflict, as well as people who compete with you. You also avoid those who structure your time and block things from happening spontaneously. And you can feel pressured by other's needs. So you are attracted to individuals who share your "live and let live" attitude. Money is secondary to you, so you also respect individuals who can part with theirs, particularly when spending leads to adventure or improves the world. And you are drawn to people who are direct, decisive and tough minded to balance out your flexible, spontaneous, intuitive style.

For the most part, it's pretty spot-on. I don't think I'm necessarily as impulsive as it describes... I like to make plans, but can easily change them and I work well with schedule. You should sign-up (for free trial period) just to see what they make of you.

More please.

I never tire of a ruffle, a black & white stripe or platfoms.
Here's some ruffles for ya. 1st seen via CheapChicas. This is how I choose to rock mine. Concoct your own combo here.


About a year ago Lil Miss Honsauce and I went to NYC for the weekend. It was actually a working weekend, so her job put her up in a Midtown hotel. I frolic’d round the city by day and waited for her to get off. We made dinner reservations and also purchased tickets to Fuerza Bruta. The show is in a huge standing room only theater. Performances take place all around you... There are stages that are constantly moving and the crowd must move to accommodate. Performers swing from the ceiling or twirl around suspended discs. The highlight by far, is a suspended clear plastic “ceiling” with a layer of water that the performers hurl themselves against–creating a beautiful abstract merwoman/man effect. All the while, club and tribal beats are blaring with an insane light show. It is sensory overload and freakin’ AMAZING! I highly recommend it and would love to go again.


A bit of background: This weekend marked one of my 1st weekends as a single girl, after breaking up with my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years. The breakup wasn’t bad by any means. He was a great guy, just not the guy for me. Regardless, I had this feeling of needing to find myself again–very typical after any relationship. You get so caught up in another person’s world that you forget what you’re really into. Everything is on your terms again, no compromise. So you’re rediscovering music, art, travel, activities that get you going. Also, you might have the self-destructive need to play with fire-metaphorically speaking.


After being inspired by Fuerza Bruta, I was definitely ready for some rediscovery :) LM Honsauce and I took a cab to some downtown bars. On the 2nd level of Piano’s we did a bit of dancing and cheersing. We met a group of boys that were there for a bachelor party (I know-recipe for disaster). One of them kinda caught my eye and we started to dance and chat a bit. After a while, the boys decided to relocate to some rooftop party. The boy I had been talking to invited us and we exchanged numbers. They left and we contemplated what to do... 

I of course was open to the possibility of whatever. We walked out and decided we were hungry, stopped in a kabob place and met some guys while in line. We all sat together and ate. I started talking to one more intently. At this point LM Honsauce was calling it quits, so she hopped in a cab and I continued on with total strange dude who seemed harmless enough. We hopped over to another bar and continued to drink and dance. I was having a good time, but Piano’s dude kept texting/calling asking me to come meet him at this rooftop party. Being that I was slightly more interested in him than current dude, I opted to go. Current dude put me in a cab and he caught the 2nd one that came. I gave the cabbie the address of the party. When I got to said block I called Piano’s dude. He said that he wasn’t even there yet and would be there in 5 minutes! I proceeded to bitch a bit and then decided to wait. I went into a corner bodega to grab some water and kill time. I called him again and no answer. After waiting for what seemed like enough time (maybe 3 minutes), I decided to walk and catch a cab. I begin walking up the block and who do I run into??? Dude from the 2nd bar. I stumbled over an excuse as to why I was there and decided to accept his invitation into his apartment-which was on the very same block. After touring his 300 sq. ft. apartment, having a glass of wine and making out a bit, I decided I needed to leave. Frankly, I was not that interested and it dawned on me that this was probably not the best decision. 

I walked to the corner and tried to call a cab, but before that I called LM Honsauce because everything was a bit hazy and I couldn’t remember where the hotel was and I didn’t have cash. I called her multiple times and no answer. At this point, I’m feeling a bit helpless and the streets are deserted (I know it’s NYC, but seriously no one in sight). Now Piano’s dude is ringing, but I’m too irritated or intoxicated to answer. As I cross the street I run into 2 guys. They look like they’ve been drinking, but again harmless enough. They immediately recognize that I’m lost and in need of a “friend”. I explain my story in helpless girl fashion and they take me under their wing. I describe the neighborhood I was staying in and the approximate blocks. For a bit we just walk the streets and talk about life... I think. Eventually they volunteer to take me to my hotel. We hop in a cab and they give cabbie some directions. I’m in the back seat of this cab with 2 strangers who just randomly appeared to help me and I can’t understand it. I start to get all emotional drunk Me and ask why? “Why are you helping me?” They respond that it’s just “their way”. That’s how his people are... That they are what you would call “gypsies”... from Brazil. That someday maybe I will be able to repay the favor, if not to him, for someone else. Seriously, now I’m really blown. The cab stops in front of my hotel and they wish me well.

I know what your thinking... Either I’m incredibly naïve to be so trusting of strangers or I need to keep my hormones in check. Well at no point did I intend to hook up with anyone, see this. And yes, some if not most of the decisions I made were pretty dumb, but I was going through this–I’m so tired of feeling nothing, that I want to feel a whole lot of something-phase. I’m not normally that impulsive. Luckily, I had 2 Brazilian Angels guarding me.

And another thing... What are the chances??? Thinking back on this really freaked me out. NYC is insanely overpopulated and I happen to stumble on the block of the dude that just put me in a cab and then stumble into 2 gypsies that take me under their wing. These events as random as they seem, couldn’t be random. I felt like although I was an idiot for putting myself in these situations, it was validation that I was exactly where I should be. Recently turning 30 had put constant waves of anxiety in my life that I wasn’t accomplishing enough, that I should be somewhere else. But this night, I was right where I needed to be and if that was the case than there was no need to worry.