B-more Ridiculous.

I've recently discovered the witty/smart@ssiness of B-more Ridiculous and am lovin' it. The following are a few of my fave's:

If you've been IN my friend I don't want to go OUT with you.

history 101
it's nice that you want to act like you're bff with someone you met 10 days ago, but i already met and decided they were lame 10 years ago

Case closed
While talking about Disney movies, it was decided that she was 25% lady and 75% tramp.

Aint no party like a Hopkins party
I know you are all excited that you got your own place, but there is no reason to get ca-raaaaazy on a thursday night. Also, your "after party" only lasted till 3:30 am.

no i'm not being "sassy", i'm being a bitch so you'll leave me alone.

Calm down
Obviously I was kidding when I told the whole party I was going to murder you


Angelo De La Vega said...

"Obviously I was kidding when I told the whole party I was going to murder you"

I told a group of girls at a Georgetown club called L2 that I was going to "KILL THEM ALL", and it indirectly got me kicked out... of course I was joking!!!! Does this mean I've got a bit of Bmore in me? I certainly hope so.

The Hearty Project said...

Ha, it's hip to be a bit Bmore these days... lovely!

Kristyn said...

OMG! Melissa, thats my best friend's blog.. haha If you think the blog is hilarious, you should meet the bitches behind it!

The Hearty Project said...

Kristyn, I think you should organize a cocktail social!