To be fair... My Profile.

I am Seeking a Man For: Dating
o you drink? Socially
arital Status: Single
rofession: Graphic Designer
marts: Bachelors degree
o you want children? Yes
you do drugs? No
Do you have children?No
o you have a car?N/A
Art • M
ovies • Fashion • Culture • Live Music • Catch Phrase • Wine and lots of it • Sunshine • Travel • Tapas • Down Comforters • Black/White • Stephanie Klein • the Delete Key • New Vocab • Interior Design • Matching Utensils • Tennis • Halloween • Salsa-not the edible kind • Local Pride • Monograms • the humm of a Fan • Eggs Benedict           
About Me
a few things that get my heart-rate up: Discovering new artists whose work is so beautiful-it scares me stiff, Unique patterns/textiles/textures, Ray LaMontagne, Cookouts with the fam where the convo is at obnoxious levels, eating outside, Cheersing (it’s in the urban dictionary) over wine that tickles my tongue, competitive party games :) Losing myself in music and heavy kisses. Planning my escape.
I'm c
hanging this to WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: a man with enthusiasm for life, adventure and love, a man with the ability to communicate ideas/emotions in a non-overly emotional way, a man with the ability to see a problem and fix it or at least attempt to (must know how to use power-tools and have a can-do attitude!), someone with aspirations of a tight family unit and last but not least, someone not afraid to show how much they adore me.

Dinner/Drinks are nice BTW, but chemistry is key.

Oh and another thing... Do I expect to meet Mr. Wonderful on this thing? Most probably not... but I am not looking for cuddle-buddies, eff-buddies, or just plain old buddies... I have enough, thanx.

*Now this last part was added specifically for all the loose men that frequent this site!
What do you think? Any advice? Too "artsy" (ooh, I hate that word!)? Too b*tchy?

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