Weekend in Texts 4.09-4.11

Text Messages INCOMING
  • Free reign with me hon.
  • So how about that drink?
  • The elipses is todays way of saying you should come.
  • I can make that accommodation :)
  • Coke slurpee was a fantastic idea
  • Parsley, sage, rosemary and thime... I love you call me if you need me!!
  • And an island never crys.... Ok I will qouting simon ang garfunkel lol
  • What’s that supposed to mean ya bum?!
  • Well... Hopefully he blows it & u call me.
  • Well obviously u can’t watch without me...
  • U suck
  • Ha. Or tortellini
  • Circus???
  • Can I call you or are you busy?
  • I'm 6'
Text Messages OUTGOING
  • Where? Bmore? What kind of crowd?
  • Sorry, I was so done! :( can’t handle shots no more... Hope you got home ok
  • Ok, I want to play!!!
  • Good, although I’m not sure I’ve forgiven myself yet...
  • I think you mean Good Afternoon
  • You suck
  • Yeah, we’ll be there soon
  • You coherent?
  • Def good Sunday :)
  • Hola Loca.
  • I need coffee and a bagel.
  • I like the sound of that.
  • I’ve been called many things... Boring has never been one of them.
  • ;)
Def not as exciting as these...

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