My conscience made me do it...

I made a hearty attempt to return cabbie's DTMM coffee mug this weekend. Apparently, my friend had grabbed his business card before exiting the cab. To rub in my naughty deed, friend sent me a picture of it. With cabbie's contact info. I felt compelled to try and right my wrong.

Why? Because I have this crazy thing called a conscience! It's kinda old school... 
a dying feeling/concept in today's society, but necessary for MY existence.

So I rang cabbie (Tom) and explained how I was the silly girl (jerk) in his cab last Friday and I might have taken (stole) something that was not mine and I'd really like to return it (so I can sleep at night). Luckily he saw the humor in the situation... I offered to meet him at the 711 or my house if he was in the area. He wasn't, so I said I'd be at my house till 8 (solid 4 hour window). He said he'd call me back.

8 rolls round and no call from cabbie Tom, so I continue on with my night.

Sad but true... I had no clue what cabbie Tom looked like. Every cab I got in that night I wondered if it was Tom's. Naturally I would ask. I believe on my 3rd cab of the night... I FOUND HIM! Seriously, Bmore is small but the chances are slim of running into the same cabbie and I was on a side of the city I don't usually hang out in. Of course I had a lil freak out session in the cab. Maybe I used the terms "fate" and "destiny" more than once or twice. Either way I promised to return his stolen mug one way or another. I even peeked into the front seat to see his current replacement–no way as nice as the one I stole.

So that's that. I plan on calling Tom every weekend till I can return it, maybe I'll just carry it around with me like the Scarlet Letter till our paths cross again.

BTW: Urban Outfitters is selling artist prints online now (even turning them into "skins"). 
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