An old high school boyfriend sent me this pic recently, just as I was contemplating where this past year had gone. A friend of his sent it to rub in how his physique had changed (nice friend). I would guess this is Homecoming ‘96. Saying this turns my stomach. Luckily, I resisted temptation to let that sink in... He is currently married with two kids (married to a Puerto Rican chic BTW...), doing well from what I can tell.

One of the triggers to this contemplation was an upcoming meeting for “closure”. HIS WORDS not mine. I don’t think I’ve ever requested “closure” in this lifetime. I received a late-night text followed by a late-night voicemail a while back with the foreward: “I’m not drunk” (Really? Cuz it’s 3am–I most certainly hope you are). I was actually sound asleep. I love late-night epiphanies that are not mine! Especially admissions of guilt/fault, “I’m sorry, I was an idot.” Truly a nice way to wake up on a Sunday morning.

I agreed to meet up with Closure Dude because I was interested in hearing his reasoning and there were no ill feelings whatsoever. Basically, we had been casually dating for a small period (almost a year ago) and he was going on a month long trip which caused some kind of confusion... Maybe he thought I expected him to be faithful to me while away (wrong) or maybe he thought I should be faithful to him (wrong again). Anyways, that kind of weirdness combined with THIS was the excuse for his abrupt disconnect: A playful/smart@ss text message. First off, 9 times out of 10 there is an element of sarcasm or silliness to everything I say. This does not mix well with sensitive types, but after hanging out with me for several weeks–you should be able to pick up on this.

Backstory for said text: It’s Tuesday night. I’m at Bay Café for an industry party (all the lush’s of Bmore unite), free booze/food/band and I’m with my partner in crime. Closure Dude sends me a text asking what I’m up to. I respond with my whereabouts. He responds about his recent softball game and I believe I respond with something like “miss me yet?”. This text is sent ABSOLUTELY jokingly (I had just seen him 2 days prior). He responds, “I just saw you." I thought really? How can he not know I’m just screwing around? I thought he obviously had no sense of humor and probably took himself a lil too seriously for me. Apparently, I didn’t respond for a week and it was the day before his trip (which is what he says). He also said that he added “ha/ha” before “I just saw you.”–which I do not remember. It certainly would’ve lightened my view on his inability to take a joke (I guess). I know how ridiculous this sounds. Believe me, I could not stop laughing the whole time he’s explaining this and I’m realizing how a silly text was the reason.


I know sarcasm/smart@ssiness/jokes don’t necessarily read well over text, but geez (not jeez)! I am always misinterpreted to the point that I over-wink the hell out of everything-I hate it. But honestly these people that I must insert mandatory (mandatory being the key word here) winks to... I don’t really like them that much.

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