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and these...

Breakups: The Mega Mix

I started jotting down some of these a while ago when some friends of mine were going thru breakups. I was trying to think of constructive, pick-me-up advice. In the past, I've found solace at the bar, but this can only last for so long till your back in the fetal position. The best advice I can think of is music. Find new music! New inspiring artists, especially since the same old songs can drive you nuts.

These are a couple of my go-to songs for the many stages of breakup coping... to draw me inward, to get vexed and to get over it:
1) Black – Pearl Jam
2) Waltz #2 – Elliott Smith
3) Gravity – Sara Bareilles
4) Break Up to Make Up – The Stylistics
5) My World is Empty Without You – The Supremes
6) Back to Black – Amy Winehouse
7) Kharma Police – Radiohead
8) Look What You've Done – Jet
9) One – Mary & Bono
10) 99 Problems – Jay Z
11) Supernova – Eminem
12) Ese Hombre – India
13) Ex Girl to the Next Girl – Gang starr
14) On to the Next One – Jay-Z
15) Poison – BBD
16) Mona Lisa – Slick Rick
17) Another one Bites the Dust – Queen
18) Satisfaction – Rolling Stones
19) Smile – Lily Allen
20) The Dog Days are Over – Florence
Experiencing some heartache? 
Share with me your story and I'll send you The Breakup Mega Mix!

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

Breakups: the soft and the silly

I called into 106.5 yesterday to try and win tickets to see a sold-out Sara Bareilles show. I rarely do this sort of thing, my main motivation was to hear Gravity live. It's pretty damn lovely. I think we can all relate to this song. At some point or another there's always that certain someone who continues to tug at our rib cage, someone seemingly impossible to forget.

And now for some breakup comic relief!
Michael & Michael Have Issues
Break-Up Sweatpants
JokesThe Comedy AwardsThe Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump
 via Shmittenkitten

Love these

Especially since I have a lil (kinda big) thing for dinosaurs!!!
Illustrations via Aled Lewis, seen via design work life

A hearty Happy Hour

This is how my day will begin tomorrow.
Jello Shots + Alcohol Spiked Whipped Cream + Drunken Cherries
Trouble + Trouble + Trouble

Cuz it's that good.

 Shakespeare knickers available here.

FOMO "Fear of Missing Out"

Very interesting read by co-founder of Flickr:  FOMO and Social Media
I'm sad to admit that I'm a sucker at times for this trap...

seen via Swiss Miss

Fakin' the Swank

With my limited funds and desire for a swanky barcart, this is what I've come up with...... Nice, huh? :)
My home bar set-up consists of:
-an unfinished wood shelf spray painted black (purchased at ikea)
-a metal tray spray painted chrome (purchased at ikea)
-two metal racks to hang glasses spray painted black (purchased at ikea)
-a wood wine rack cart (purchased at target)
-silver upholstery tacks
I hammered the tacks onto the edge of the shelf (very therapeutic) and added the metal racks underneath. My final touch will be to add a handle to the side of the cart, so I can hang cocktail linens (monogrammed of course!).
Some elements to assemble your own swanky/economical barcart:

I love catching glimpses of the arsenal beautiful/successful women use to present themselves to the world... Perfumes, makeup, jewelry, shoes, etc. allows you to do so without the creep factor. Stylists, artists, bloggers are artfully and intimately presented in their homes. Go head take a peek!

My Dating History (in semi-chronological order)

and Senior Superlative Style
• Class Clown
• Class Clown
• Dopest Ride
• Most likely to wear the same hairstyle well into his 30's
 • Most Artistic
• Most likely to land on America's Most Wanted
• Most likely to make you regret you dumped him
• Most likely to become a billionaire and lose it in a poker game
• Most likely to have multiple Baby Mama's
• Best Dancer
• Most Unique
• Biggest Flirt
• Biggest Flirt + Biggest Ego (a tie)
• Most likely to go postal
• Best Music Collection
• Most likely to make you cry
• The Forever Bachelor
• Best Shoulder to Lean on
• Most Dramatic
• Worry Wort
• Most likely to join a crazy religious cult
• Coolest Last Name
• Most likely to makeout with your best friend
• Most likely to randomly disappear
• Most likely to pee on your leg and tell you it's raining
• Biggest Flirt
• Best Eyes and Best Teeth Combo
• Most likely to lead a revolution
• Most Huggable

I ask myself this question on a weekly basis...

Brought to you by one of my favorite smart mind/smart mouth/designers: Jessica Hische
She created a detailed chart to help you ponder the question "Should I work for free?" Visit the site here to see the expanded chart. You can even download a sans "f-bomb" version... but why would you ever want to do that?!?

Just cuz.

Sometimes code words aren't code words at all...

I went over Lil Miss Mimosa's new house tonight to assist her with decorating ideas. As we walked room to room, she took notes on my suggestions for art or furniture. Finally reaching the top level of her 4 floor rowhome, we enter a small room in the back, loosely-termed "the mancave". A widescreen TV was already mounted to the wall with some comfy couches in front. Our friend Kat suggested some shelving to house DVDs to the right of the TV. Lil Miss Mimosa's like, "DVD's? For what? For my 'cutting edge' DVD's???" and I'm all like, "Cutting edge? Is that code word for porn? Do you really mean your porn DVD's???" and she's all like, "No! Like 'Toe pick!'"

And then it all comes back to me... this is an infamous line from the movie Cutting Edge. An old (I was about to say 80's) early 90's movie where a washed-up hockey player learns to figure skate with a hot, but stuck-up chic that has been figuring skating for years. I totally forgot that this movie was some early childhood obsession for her. Even made her parents freeze over some water in the back of their house in New Hampshire when she was young so she could learn to (fall) skate.

My Korean BBQ indulgence.

I started my weekend off right last Friday... Good group of friends, lots of delicious meats/veggies and 2 bottles of soju for just Lil Miss Honsauce and I to share. We went to an old favorite of ours – Joung Kak. Read my full review on Yelp here.

My alter ego 'tude for Tuesday

Even Marilyn is down with the flask.

Dreamin' of the sea

The smell of salty ocean spray and coconut-scented lotion, sand up the bum and in the toes, reading a juicy summer novel with stacks of the latest trash mags beside (because it's the only acceptable time to buy them), listening to Citizen Cope or some other uber-chill music with a good beat... No kids in sight on this beach, unless they're my cousins (the only acceptable kids) who'd like me to assist them with an award-winning sandcastle. Wawa hoagies are in the cooler along with my favorite easy summer-time concoction – a Michael Phelps (Jeremiah Weed & water on ice :)
Love the muted/hazy colors of these seaside interpretations. 
Pic 1: available via 20 x 200, Pic 2: seen via Oh Joy, Pic 3: seen via Pinterest

My Springtime Steez

I hate when the weather teases you with the possibility of good times to come (outdoors!) Spring already! Links Here.

Sweet Pants meet Sweet Lips

When I was in the midst of the dating scene, I would regularly check Maura Kelly's site at Marie Claire for some insightful commentary on her dating experiences and dating "research". Nowadays... yeah, I don't check it so much. I guess, I care less about dissecting the madness of it all, since currently I'm quite content in that department. I still overthink relationships to death and eventually I intend on writing about my current one (just not yet). Today I randomly headed to Maura's site and came across this post: Top 5 Coolest New Dating Sites to Try. Apparently (which I would rank the best in all my expert experience) was recently bought out by (sucky). Maura also shares my fondness for OkCupid because of the higher caliber of dude and its cool factor AND also because she met her current honey on the site. His name (alias)............................. Sweet Pants! Crazy, no? Cuz of my Sweet Lips? Not sure... I think there is a possible sign here.

Lovely diy idea

Get mildly to severely inappropriate with someone today...

The inappropriateness is endless... check out these ecards. The ones shown below are on the timid end of the spectrum...