Dreamin' of the sea

The smell of salty ocean spray and coconut-scented lotion, sand up the bum and in the toes, reading a juicy summer novel with stacks of the latest trash mags beside (because it's the only acceptable time to buy them), listening to Citizen Cope or some other uber-chill music with a good beat... No kids in sight on this beach, unless they're my cousins (the only acceptable kids) who'd like me to assist them with an award-winning sandcastle. Wawa hoagies are in the cooler along with my favorite easy summer-time concoction – a Michael Phelps (Jeremiah Weed & water on ice :)
Love the muted/hazy colors of these seaside interpretations. 
Pic 1: available via 20 x 200, Pic 2: seen via Oh Joy, Pic 3: seen via Pinterest

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