Sometimes code words aren't code words at all...

I went over Lil Miss Mimosa's new house tonight to assist her with decorating ideas. As we walked room to room, she took notes on my suggestions for art or furniture. Finally reaching the top level of her 4 floor rowhome, we enter a small room in the back, loosely-termed "the mancave". A widescreen TV was already mounted to the wall with some comfy couches in front. Our friend Kat suggested some shelving to house DVDs to the right of the TV. Lil Miss Mimosa's like, "DVD's? For what? For my 'cutting edge' DVD's???" and I'm all like, "Cutting edge? Is that code word for porn? Do you really mean your porn DVD's???" and she's all like, "No! Like 'Toe pick!'"

And then it all comes back to me... this is an infamous line from the movie Cutting Edge. An old (I was about to say 80's) early 90's movie where a washed-up hockey player learns to figure skate with a hot, but stuck-up chic that has been figuring skating for years. I totally forgot that this movie was some early childhood obsession for her. Even made her parents freeze over some water in the back of their house in New Hampshire when she was young so she could learn to (fall) skate.

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