Breakups: The Mega Mix

I started jotting down some of these a while ago when some friends of mine were going thru breakups. I was trying to think of constructive, pick-me-up advice. In the past, I've found solace at the bar, but this can only last for so long till your back in the fetal position. The best advice I can think of is music. Find new music! New inspiring artists, especially since the same old songs can drive you nuts.

These are a couple of my go-to songs for the many stages of breakup coping... to draw me inward, to get vexed and to get over it:
1) Black – Pearl Jam
2) Waltz #2 – Elliott Smith
3) Gravity – Sara Bareilles
4) Break Up to Make Up – The Stylistics
5) My World is Empty Without You – The Supremes
6) Back to Black – Amy Winehouse
7) Kharma Police – Radiohead
8) Look What You've Done – Jet
9) One – Mary & Bono
10) 99 Problems – Jay Z
11) Supernova – Eminem
12) Ese Hombre – India
13) Ex Girl to the Next Girl – Gang starr
14) On to the Next One – Jay-Z
15) Poison – BBD
16) Mona Lisa – Slick Rick
17) Another one Bites the Dust – Queen
18) Satisfaction – Rolling Stones
19) Smile – Lily Allen
20) The Dog Days are Over – Florence
Experiencing some heartache? 
Share with me your story and I'll send you The Breakup Mega Mix!

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