Sweet Pants meet Sweet Lips

When I was in the midst of the dating scene, I would regularly check Maura Kelly's site at Marie Claire for some insightful commentary on her dating experiences and dating "research". Nowadays... yeah, I don't check it so much. I guess, I care less about dissecting the madness of it all, since currently I'm quite content in that department. I still overthink relationships to death and eventually I intend on writing about my current one (just not yet). Today I randomly headed to Maura's site and came across this post: Top 5 Coolest New Dating Sites to Try. Apparently OkCupid.com (which I would rank the best in all my expert experience) was recently bought out by Match.com (sucky). Maura also shares my fondness for OkCupid because of the higher caliber of dude and its cool factor AND also because she met her current honey on the site. His name (alias)............................. Sweet Pants! Crazy, no? Cuz of my Sweet Lips? Not sure... I think there is a possible sign here.

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