Do this, Don't do that, Can't you read the signs?

I am a sign believing fool, I admit it. Sometimes it's just for pure fun, sometimes I honestly think the universe is trying to send me a message. I think they're out there in our day-to-day... lil signs that if we care to notice, can guide us in the right direction. Basically when facts or occurrences are too coincidental, I think it's the universe's way of nudging us to act. Or it could be that I just read too much into things, totally plausible.

PhotobucketMost times it's a song at the right moment or a song that makes me recall a certain someone at the wrong moment. Those are easy. Ok, some examples: May's Bestie's name is one letter off of Lil Miss Honsauce's name (which is not your average name), plus May and Lil Miss Honsauce share the same cultural background (again... not your average)... what does this all boil down to? We were destined to be friends!

Sometimes I'm unsure of how to read these signs: Not too long ago I went on a date. I left my cell phone in date's car, so we went on another date the very next day (NO, this was not done on purpose). This dude makes it a point of being friendly with the waitstaff (a power move btw)... The name of our 1st waiter? Carlos. The name of our 2nd waiter? Carlos. First time I think nothing of it, though it's my Father's name. Second time, it's a sign. My Father is a Jr. Now is this a sign that he's a "keeper" or is this a sign to run? I had a great relationship with my Grandfather, but a strained one with my Father. See... could go either way.

I have lots of these lil occurrences, but most recently the one that made me chuckle: I'm hangin' out with newish Dude who is a recentish divorcé (baggage). We're talking about when our bday's are, he says his month and then I ask what sign is that (small talk-I could care less). He says Aries, I don't even begin to act like I know what that means. He asks me my month, I say January. A lil more curious now, he asks what day... I reply the 16th. His face goes pale. "What? What is it???," I say. "That's my wedding anniversary," he somberly replies. Holy Shit! I jump up and do not disguise in any way the ridiculousness of the situation. "Really? Are you serious? It's a sign! And, it's clearly not a good one, " says Me. Then I'm like, "Who the hell get's married on January 16th?" I'm pretty sure he begins to explain something but I'm lost in my laughter. Quite uncontrollable at this point. He does wrap it up with, "Well, there was a major snowstorm that day... like a serious one... 3 feet." And I'm like, "Well, there goes another sign."

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