Over on JewMitch, his recent post recounts an "episode" with a "Crazy Chic"... someone that he drunkenly hooked up with here and there and then couldn't shake loose. He posts their interaction over a period of time through text to illustrate the pure stupidity and shamelessness of this chic.

Ok, "Crazy" is too easily associated with the word "Chic"... there are "Crazy Dudes" too, damnit!!!

At least JewMitch actually had physical contact with said "Crazy". Over a YEAR ago, I was out and about with Lil Miss Taco Tuesday. We were bouncing around, up to no good... I blame it on the Nutrigrain bar I probably had for dinner. The end of the night is hazy (shocker), the next morning I receive a text from some dude (think his name is Ken?). He's basically saying that it was nice to meet me the night before, blah/blah, but I can't for the life of me remember this dude and def don't remember giving my number out. So, I ask dude to message me on facebook to jog my memory. He does and I'm not interested... total baby. In general I try not to hurt anyone's feelings, so I think I waited about a week to delete him. I also never responded back to any more of his text messages... BUT that has not stopped him from messaging me everynow and then for over a year!!! I don't have his number saved, but I know it's him because he always writes, "Hi" as "Hy", usually followed by a "Sup". Ugh! What goes through "Crazy Dude's" heads after not receiving positive feedback in over a year. Are they really holding out for a weak/desperate moment for me to cave in? No, no "Crazy Dude"... Not going to happen.

I've attached a photo to illustrate my poor decision-making state. Note, I'm holding a beer–I don't drink beer. This is when Lil Miss Taco Tuesday was in her biting phase...

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