The Ideal Roster

Hard Drive Fried
Work • Photos • Music LOST :(
Which makes me wish I had a
MAC Genius on the Roster. No waiting in line, making appointments like the other clueless tech fools, I just call my Genius to the rescue–sit back, sip a wine spritzer while he assesses the situation. This dude also knows how to hijack software, saving me lots of cash.

Some other possible additions:
Car Savvy Dude... He doesn't necessarily need to be a mechanic because they usually have gross hands, just the ability to easily diagnose car issues and somehow always know when my car needs it's oil changed AND goes the extra mile to take it himself to save me the agony of 1/2 hour in a stinky waiting room.

Wealthy Distinguished Dude... So content with my hugs and kisses (also too lazy to do anything else), he loves to buy me flirty dresses and take me salsa dancing–smoking cigars by the bar while I dance the night away with hot, young Latin men.

The Outdoorsman... Always on some hike or going down some river. Me? I'm not so adventurous, but when I want to feel Mother Nature's hand–he's the dude I call. He also doesn't talk much, so I use this opportunity to reflect in natural surroundings.

The Airline Hookup Dude... Pretty self-explanitory. Can also go hand-in-hand with Vacationship Dude (see here).

The Tall Dude that is good with his hands... For those moments when I can't reach, though I'm quite handy myself–sometimes it just gets old doing everything for yourself. Plus, dudes that can build shit are sexy. This dude is usually a contractor.

The Deep/Artsy Dude...  When I'm in the mood for thought-provoking conversation or need someone to accompany me to The Windup Space on Monday nights to sketch burlesque dancers.

The Musician... This dude introduces me to obscure artists and is always down to see a live show. He has a lil more testosterone than Deep/Artsy Dude.

Motorcycle Dude... This is a recent development. I currently feel the need to get my butt on a bike (never ridden one). This dude has a Harley or a classic bike, no tatt's or smelly armpits–he just digs iconic Americana.

Chef Dude... He doesn't necessarily have to be a chef by profession, but he loves getting creative in the kitchen–he especially loves watching my face fill with delight after I take a bite of his thoughtfully prepared dish. This dude is also a lover of wine.

Shopping Buddy Dude... He is a metrosexual and usually a lil too manicured for my rough-around-the-edges taste, but he has a great sense of style and I trust his judgement. This makes him a great companion in the fitting room.

I'm sure I could come up with a couple others, but this a pretty healthy list.

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