It's Friday, I should be ripping someone to pieces... but I think I did enough of that on Monday.  Today I will pledge my love and devotion to May for sending me a beautiful bouquet of flowers!!!

Let's set this up: Lil Miss Taco Tuesday and I went for a "run" to the harbor yesterday in the blazing heat. Clearly, when we returned we were disgusting and dripping with sweat. Hmm... what to do to quickly remedy the situation (without showering)... Shamwow to the rescue! I've never even used the darn things and they were given to me a year ago as a "gift". Seriously dudes... never bring a chic a "gift" like that and expect any kind of "Wow" response. Anywayz, I thought why not give them a try–they are supposed to be absorbent. So yes, we Shamwow'd ourselves. Go head... I give you permission. Use it as a verb today.

As we're leaving to go get yummy snowballs, we run into the UPS man. He's got a flower delivery. He stops us mid-track and asks if any one of us is... Can't make it out the first time... think it's my neighbor upstairs. Then he says my name and I'm like, "Yeah, that's me." LM Taco Tuesday says, "Uh Oh, this could make or break the day (so true)." My mind is racing to who it could be. I say it's probably my Mom. LM Taco Tuesday says, "Well, if it's you know who, these are going in the trash." In my head I'm like, please don't be you know who/please don't be you know who. She cuts it open for me and I dart for the card... Here is what it said:
"When life gives you lemons, just say "F*ck the lemons," and bail! Thought you could use some cheering up and I couldn't find a vodka-delivery service :) –May

Hi, hello out there... probably one of the sweetest actions every received. So now I'm tearing up and LM Taco Tuesday is hugging me, telling me not to cry. We're getting all sweaty again and she offers me a Shamwow.

Honestly, I can't express to you how thankful I am for loving friends... ahh... Permanent smile the rest of the day/night. Even to perfect strangers, I'd be, "Did I tell you my girlfriend sent me flowers today? Yeah, I'm loved."

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