What to do when you get tanked.

happyYou get tanked! Of course! Well, in really good company that is going to remind you of all the fun/new possibilities that await. My uplifting company was Lil Miss Honsauce. Last night (over paella, paté, a pitcher of sangria and the robustest wine we could get ahold of) we pondered my possible next step or leap. Initially yes, I was looking at DC, but what is really stopping me on setting my sights further...

LM Honsauce: What about Miami?
Me: Hmm... maybe.
LM Honsauce: Well, your always talking about how you want a hot/sexy Latin man.
Me: This is true... I'd have to stop eating now.
LM Honsauce: You wouldn't have to stop eating till you get off the plane.

We sat in the corner and closed the place down, literally. Staff were spit-shining tables around us so that we could get the hint. But it's hard to stop dreaming... me of where I really want to be and she of rosemary and thyme (possible names for her food/recipe/social gathering/restaurant critiquing blog). I suggested HONSAUCE, seems like the perfect fit to me :)

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