Road Trip

I'm currently on a road trip with the fam. First stop–Albany for my Stepdad's graduation, second stop–NYC. To pass time in the car, my sister and I have been watching episodes of Grey's Anatomy. This is my 1st Grey's experience. Her and my mom (and every other chic I know) have been hardcore fans for years. Me? I've been watching Lost. Well I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised by the show. It's sorda like a grown up Dawson's Creek, all angsty/quirky friends dating each other (but in scrubs). After several straight hours, I find myself feeling a bit emotional, needy and horny. There's lots of quality eye-candy and  I haven't even gotten to the episodes with McSteamy yet. Frankly, screw McDreamy or McSteamy because my man is Karev! Ooh, just my type: ornery, hot-head, big ego with a heart... lil rough round the edges.

What else? Hmm... there is nothing to do in Albany. Yesterday to kill time we went to the local mall, which wasn't so bad... at least they had a decent Macy's shoe department and Sephora–enough to entertain any chic for several hours. Pictured are some shoes that I was seriously debating. Kinda crazy looking, but I think much hotter in person. My mom of course said "street walker".

What else in Albany? Well for dinner ops there's Chilis, Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster, Macaroni Grill and Olive Garden! We settled on Macaroni Grill. Prior to leaving for dinner we had a cocktail at the hotel. My stepdad had brought along a jug full of Bacardi (how typical ;). He made us a round of stiff drinks and then the secrets started flowing. Rarely does my Mom admit any wrong-doings, but after tales from my Sister and I, she started to loosen up. My sister and I were recounting the night in DC on her bday recently. My sister was making fun of my dancing and I was making fun of her vomiting. We also were trying to describe the size of a Jumbo Slice to the rents. So Mom says that in her sex and the city days, she would dip french fries in cognac. This I thought was particularly funny because several hours prior she was making a disgusting face to me suggesting that fries are great dipped in Frosty's (they are).

We had a great time at Macaroni Grille! Seriously. Since we were celebrating a graduation, we got the "Opera singer" to come to the table and do a lil song dedication. She sang Le Colibri (about a hummingbird that drinks so much love that he dies) and it was truly beautiful. Who would've know such a moment could happen at the Macaroni Grill in Albany. I love surprises. We even invented our own new dessert. It's called Drunken Cheesecake. After not being able to decide between our options and being drawn to the Frangelico in one, I asked for a shot to pour over our desserts. Honestly this works better with the Tiramisu which easily absorbs the alcohol. Future Drunken Cheesecakes need to be done in a large shooter with the Frangelico absorbed into the crust. I also came up with the name Ballsy Cheesecake since Frangelico is made from hazelnuts... not sure that would fly though.

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