Lost is coming to an end... tear/tear


Hands down the best show I've seen in my 31 years of existence. I get super-siked each week (for years now) to see where those wacky/scifi/philosophical writers are going to take the storyline and characters. There is no way in hell I would even begin to explain the plot. The show is an investment, not something you can pick up half way and not something you can half@ss. You are either a Lostie or not, no in between lukewarm viewing. Themes that the show addresses: Destiny/Free Will, Good/Evil, Sin/Redemption, Science/Faith, Mothers/Fathers, Jack(good guy)/Sawyer(bad boy)... Bonus: hotties for both men and women! If you're not familiar with the show, I suggest dedicating a weekend or two/three to uninterrupted viewing. Crank the AC, grab a down comforter, possibly a companion that will cook for you and not ask too many silly questions (because yes, there are dumb questions).


Only 1 episode left before the series finale on May 23rd (2.5 hours!). It's bittersweet. I'm hoping for the residents of Pigtown's sake, that it goes out with a bang! I will be rioting! Till then I'm planning my Lost finale menu. At 1st I was thinkin' wild boar! But since I have no clue where to find/cook that, maybe pig instead... Possibilities: –pulled pork –pork ribs –fish pockets –tuna skewers –chicken satay with Dharma peanut sauce –fried plantains –mango/tropical fruit salad –sashimi –peanut butter/chocolate treats –Dharma beer/wine –piña coladas (in coconuts of course)



Angelo De La Vega said...

I sincerely hope "Lost" was sufficiently stimulating. I've waited years for an internal, and intimate, exposure to the series subcutaneous secrets - could it possibly compare with the frightening expectations erected in my daily daydreams? So far, I've been thoroughly satisfied.

What are your plans for the finale? Maybe, this time, we can share the climax together...

The Hearty Project said...

What finale? I'm purchasing the series so that I may immerse myself in my guilty pleasure over and over again.