Friday Dedication

Not to be confused with the "Hey" violation... This goes out to the "men" that address females with the "Hey Girl" salutation. I hear/read this and immediately have gag-reflexes. It is completely unacceptable to address a female over the age of 21 as "girl". If you're a redneck from the sticks and know no better, then maybe I'll let it slide... But as a semi-educated man in the year 2010, you must know that this salutation is disrespectful! Wiki will once again back me up...

Last time I checked I was a self-sufficient GAW (grown @ss woman) that could probably teach you a trick or two. Speaking of tricks... the only scenario where "girl" would be deemed appropriate: anytime pigtails are involved (Halloween/Role Play). "Come here you naughty girl." Ok, fine.

I'd rather you prematurely call me, "Babe", "Baby". Other acceptable alternatives: (Hey/Hello/Hola) Sweetheart, Sweety, Sexy, Sugar, Sunshine, Hot Stuff, Hottie, Hot Mama, Hot Tamale, Firecracker, Honey, Hon, Boo, Love, Lovely, GoddessMi Amor, y Loca.

OR, how 'bout you get creative... think outside the box and come up with an original term of endearment specific to the chic whose attention you're trying to get. My personal/personal favorites: Shorty Roc, Hot Sauce and Tsunami.

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