Gems for everyone!

This will be my last Lost post, promise. Though not totally pleased with the finale, I am content enough to move on. It came full circle enough to make me feel ok with devoting so many hours of my life. Each week after every episode I would check for Doc Jensen's extensive recap and researched commentary. This week was no different (except 16 pages, from the usual 7). I was struck in particular with the following paragraph:

"One of the things I have most appreciated about the season is that for all of its spirituality and mysticism and supernatural hoo-ha, Lost was all about human beings — really screwed-up human beings who do really screwed-up things. Even the Gods (read: Jacob) and Monsters (read: Smokey) and mythic heroes (read: Richard Alpert) revealed themselves to be just like you or me, give or take some smoke and some superpowers. It's funny that so many people cynically bitch about Lost not having ''a master plan'' — the Lost story is all about the folly of ''master plans.'' Anyone who has ever had a master plan on this show has failed catastrophically. Mother. Jacob. The Man In Black. Ben. Charles Widmore. Jack. Sawyer. The best we can do is live our lives with enlightened improvisation — to be so self-aware and fearless that we can live fully in the present and redeem our every moment and every human connection. Last night, Sawyer asked Jack if becoming island guardian made him feel any different. Jack thought about it and laughed and said, ''No. Not really.'' He was right. Jack was still every bit the fixer junkie he used to be before he took holy communion from Jacob. But as he moved into the final conflict of his life, Jack was able to apply the best parts of him to the crisis at hand, and minimize the influence of his worst parts. Which isn't to say he couldn't make mistakes — and didn't have more to learn. If there was something he had gained, it was this: grace for his own uniquely imperfect mess."

Ahhhh............ closure.

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