Sex and Bmore City

Last night Lil Miss Honsauce, Lil Miss Mimosa and I went to see Sex and the City 2 at the Harbor. I’m a hardcore fan, so they could’ve had Carrie shopping for 2 hours and I would’ve been satisfied. No Oscar nods but true fans will be pleased and entertained. While waiting for LM Honsauce to come out of the restroom, I ran into the ex. There is a slo-mo scene in the film where Carrie spots Aiden(her ex) in a market and they have this magical “wow” moment. This was not like that. More like, “Look there is F*cker and his wife, damn they both look fat.” I know what you’re thinking... Real mature. But I actually handled the situation with grace considering the atrocities he committed. When LM Honsauce came out, I pointed him out and she says, “I’m going to go up and say hi.” I thought about it for a sec and then thought against it. I didn’t want to give him any satisfaction, so I pulled her back. He did his best to avoid eye contact but I knew he saw me–I made sure of it.


We moved on over to Talara for apps and drinks and while there I began to regret not letting LM Honsauce say hi. Only for the simple fact that he goes out of his way to say hi to the both of them at the gym (not sure what he’s working on). This makes me steamy. Why the hell would he think they’d want anything to do with him after knowing the horrors he’s committed. Does he think their memory would fade so quickly? Mine hasn’t. I know it sounds like I carry this around with me–I don’t. If he were to offer an apology I would quickly accept it. If he were to say, “I’m sorry I was an evil/heartless/soulless shell of a human being.” I would say, “Ok fine, I wish you many years of wedded bliss.” Serious. Now I’m done with this topic because it did not for a second overshadow my great night with my girlies, the moment actually brought a smile to my face.

At Talara we indulged in mussels, ceviche and mojitos, while we tried to decipher which SATC characters we were most like. If you are totally clueless, SATC is about 4 distinct female characters: Carrie (fashion junkie/creative/eccentric), Miranda (workaholic/pragmatic/planner), Charlotte (traditionalist/sensitive/mother) and Samantha (bold/saucy/sex-crazed). We came to the conclusion that I am 60% Samantha, 40% Carrie. LM Honsauce is 60% Miranda, 40% Carrie and LM Mimosa is 40% Charlotte, 40% Miranda and 20% Samantha. My house is not predominantly Samantha because of the sex-crazed part btw.


After Talara we hopped over to Pazo where we ran into LM Hot Potato (smalltimore gotta love it). She was having a cocktail with friends. One of her friends spotted one of her “mistakes” and rushed her out the door before she could see him. When LM Honsauce and I were leaving, I made a point to go over to him at the bar and give him a lil warning. I think I might've told him I’d cut him if he ever contacted her... Not sure. I am sure that I said that this is my city and I know enough people to make his life miserable. Now that was the Samantha in me. I couldn’t help it.

I dropped LM Honsauce off in torrential downpour as she tried to convince me to go to a karaoke bar, but I was done. I got about half way back to my house before getting a phone call from her. She had been banging on the door and was still outside because her husband wouldn’t wake up. Ahhh... Married life. So I turned around, picked her up and she crashed at my bachelorette pad.

It was a good night.

Can we talk fashion for a minute... the fashion was sick of course. SJP wore 3 looks with a 70's vibe... these pleated dresses by Halston that were amazing, she actually rocked one at the MET event too. Several of her looks are available here.
OH, and don't sleep on Liza Minnelli!

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