Predicting the future via Care Bear vending machine

We have a grocery store near the office that I usually hit up for lunch. I've been passing by this Care Bear vending machine for awhile now, meaning to stop and put my 75 cents in. Today was the day. I walked over with Mouth and on our way in said, "remind me to get change for my Care Bear." At the check-out counter I mentioned to Mouth that I was going to use this opportunity as a sign of my near future, depending on what bear I got–it would be an indicator of what's to come. The Care Bear vending machine would be my 75 Cent Psychic. We walked over to the machine inviting us (in gold star) to "Collect All 32," but we noticed most of them had a cheery disposition. Not really a fair predictor of life, since as we all know... life has it's ups and downs. Which is why I'm renaming my bears and their purpose. This is the bear I ended up with today:

Friend Bear AKA Friends with Benefits Bear
Sometimes an upper, sometimes a downer.

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