Dating via Text


One of my many texting-peeves: The "Hey" text message. It's right up there with the effort of a Facebook poke–Lame-O! Anna from Shmitten Kitten sums it up perfectly:

I feel like Seinfeld for even asking this, but what is the deal with guys just texting you, "Hey." What am I supposed to do with that? It's great that you're thinking about me, but couldn't your thought have extended a little further? Like--oh, I don't know--an actual sentence? This is usually how it goes:
Him: "Hey"
Me: "Hey! What are you up to?"
Him: "Just made dinner."
Me, getting slightly annoyed: "Cool. Well, what are you up to tonight?"
Him: "Gonna swing by a dive bar and see some buddies."
Me (in my head): ???????
See what you just did there? Suddenly, I am the one asking you out and getting frustrated at your lack of interest. It's almost as if they are caught off guard that I even responded. This happens to me, like, once a week. There I was enjoying my peppermint tea and after our brief text exchange, I wanna run both you and my cellphone over with a Mack truck. Thanks, Duder. Thanks.

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