Friday in Texts 5.21

Text Messages INCOMING
  • Huh? And why did I receive that text at 4am???
  • You really are a jerk! Nice way to wake up.
  • Huh? Have u been drinking this morning?
  • Well that's obvious!!!
  • How did u make that chili??? I really need 2 know :-)
  • I wish I was, but I've been out till bar close for the last 3 nights... I need a break. Have fun!
  • Morning!
  • I have an f'ing hickey........ Very annoying!!!
  • On my neck!!!! Yes i remember seeing you last night. Thought you saw me this morning
  • It is really bad..... Who give hickies!!! When was the last time someone gave you one?
  • Sad I know
  • Aw, gotcha. Have a good time!
  • Thanks sis! Mandalay Bay pool is the first stop.
  • I'm so bummed-my camera is a the Geek squad at best buy. Great timing, hug. My gf is playing paparazzi this weekend. I have my phone though! I better make the "weekend text" post. ;)
  • How's ur day go n? Well I hope. I'm beat, got up at 5 for golf... Just leav va
  • I can't wait to press your romper also...
  • Already?
  • Ok I'm buying it now!
  • What do you want me to do
  • I might like that

Text Messages OUTGOING
  • Ha, Mornin' :)
  • In ur wettest dreams dork.
  • No, just screwing with you... ;)
  • I'll fb it to you
  • Interested in going to dc tonight?
  • Gross!!! Where???
  • Oh geez, I was worried for a minute there... Can I cover it up with makeup? Turtleneck ;)
  • 8th Grade
  • Bring back the choker trend
  • Thanx u2 in Vegas!
  • Take pics!
  • Ha, send be a pic poolside... I might have to include it ;)
  • Pretty good, I might need a power nap before tonight... Beautiful day for golf
  • My romper is pressed and ready to romp.
  • Buy ur ticket online for 6:30! 7 is sold out...
  • Your flakiness is killing me
  • I'm going to crush Zanex in your drink btw ;)
Why only Friday? Because I left my cell in a cab Fri/Sat morning... boohoo.

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