A Grey Rant.

PhotobucketJust wrapped up season 3 of Grey's and I want to quickly rant. I'm so behind, so I'm basically talking to myself–which is fine... Meredith annoys me. She is so damn mopey and no one likes a sad sack. She is Charlie Brown on a super shitty day–Good Grief! I know partially, it's not her fault. The writers on the show REALLY want to make her life hell. First they take away the love of her life, then they bring him back, then her nasty Mom dies, then she almost drowns, then she loses her new "substitute Mother", then her Father smacks her and accuses her of killing "substitute Mother". Come on now... ease up on the chic will ya?! Regardless, she gives up too easy! She has McDreamy saying everything she's been wanting to hear and she just walks away AND let's not forget that she didn't fight to swim when she got knocked into the water... the latter I find most unforgivable. Swim damnit, Swim! How can you not swim when you have that hair to run your fingers through after a rough day??? Nope, I don't feel sorry for ya. Suck it up!

Take a cue from Sandra Bullock. Even she is finding light in her shitty situation... Rockin' the Charlie Brown "Why Me?" T... gotta love a smart ass, I know I do. Charlie Brown T available here.

Take a cue from me... I typically allow myself only 24 hours to feel sorry for myself. In these hours I can self medicate in the form of vodka, I can cry until my eyes swell shut and I pop some blood vessels or may I suggest keeping a diary of some sort... cheaper than a shrink.

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